She loves her husband.

It’s 1 am and right now, at this very moment, my sweet husband and his adorable brother are in my living room playing StarCraft…shirtless.

I don’t know why they can’t wear their shirts while they colonize the far reaches of the galaxy on their laptops, but my guess is it just makes them feel the tiniest bit manlier to go sans shirt while they fire their imaginary guns.

All I know about StarCraft is that it’s like, the geekiest game ever, except of course for World of Warcraft. And while we’re on the subject of RPG’s (“role playing games” for those of you who didn’t do their senior project on one…) I’d like to draw your attention to this fantastic documentary:

It’s called Monster Camp. It’s a movie I actually watched BEFORE I didn’t have a life. I rented it because of the cover, not always a good move, but in this case it worked out well. The documentary follows people as they attend a camp where they do LARPing or Live Action Role Playing. I don’t like documentaries that in any way make fun of their subjects, and this one definitely doesn’t do that. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for geeky men, it turns me on when a man knows all the character names of the creatures in Star Wars (only found by reading the books…).

I guess that’s why I married a man who is right now hunching over his computer proudly showing his bare chest while he plays, what many of the “industry’s journalists have praised as one of the best and most important video games of all time.” I’d show you pictures but I’m no fool. I’m not leaving my apple pie on the windowsill. Nobody gets a slice of that alien bone-shooting hottie but ME.




  1. Elle and Jared

    I had a similar experience with Jared when I found him trying to make a dry ice bomb with his cousin. Then I had another that same day when I found him trying to break a glass goblet by singing really high. Then I had yet another when I found him crying watching a mama hippo give birth on youtube.

    Glad I found your blog – it is da bomb and your about me section makes me feel so loved even though it was written for the general public.

  2. Bek

    i love nerd love too. do you have any nerds for me, lady?

  3. Alex

    oh wow

  4. impybrownie


  5. ferociousnate

    Greatest computer game of all time.

  6. Alison

    impy brownie…

    you have a shocking resemblance to Mia from Just Shoot Me! Have you ever heard that? It’s an awful show, but Mia’s great.

  7. max everything

    I should join them for a few games on bnet!

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