She’s getting all verklempt.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Today I received this card in the mail:

It was a sweet note from someone I don’t know horribly well. Actually, we’ve only met in person once. But I’ve wanted to be BFF’s with her ever since, and her sending this fabulous Snow & Graham card just proves yet again why it was love at first sight.

A couple of days ago I got a check (HELL YA!) from my old place of employment for some freelance work. One of the accountants who works there is a good friend of mine. I miss him and doing impersonations of Tyra on America’s Next Top Model with him a lot. He always let me talk about my hair and my cramps ad nauseam. When I pulled the check out out the mail box I saw this:

And when I flipped the envelope over I saw that my friend, the accountant, had gone out of his way to do this:

I can’t tell you what these little gestures meant to me. After laughing and smiling at both pieces of mail I truly got a little verklempt.

It’s amazing how much power we have to influence the people around us. How the little things we do and say, or DON’T say, can mean the world to someone.

It could be because I’m changing birth controls and my hormones are having a hay day, or it could be because I spend most of my waking hours alone, but I’ve just been so touched and overwhelmed with gratitude lately for the little things that people do for me.

You’ve probably heard me mention this before, but I did an internship with Hallmark cards. I LOVED working there. And I have such a testimony, yes a testimony, of the incredible power of small gestures of love such as cards and notes and little pieces of mail.

I guess I just felt like sharing this because I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. And because maybe you know someone who could use a little note, a little extra love, or even just an encouraging text. And I just wanted to show you that when you go out of your way, even just a little bit, it can give whole new meaning to a person who maybe spent 9 units of her day in her jammies on the couch, staring at the “watch instantly” movies on Netflix instead of showering or exercising. Maybe your note, or your text, will be the very thing that gets her up and off the sofa for a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper and a shower, and maybe JUST maybe, some inspiration to post on her blog. It’s almost humbling to think that THAT kind of power lives within your own fingertips. It’s like your own version of the Vulcan death grip…except it’s a power you can use for good. And that’s pretty awesome.

I love you all. Kisses to everyone. Obviously, I saw the new Star Trek movie over the weekend so of course I can’t help but leave you with

Live long and prosper,




  1. andrea

    well i wrote you mail- but i never sent it! I AM SORRY!

  2. Shannon

    Yes, so true! I love that card you got from your Love co-worker!

    I need to send more mail. Possibly Hallmark. Please tell me you worked on Fresh Ink because those are genius.

  3. Jendar

    i love getting cards, letters, packages, etc. no matter how small. i specially learned to appreciate this on my mission, they really would make my day. whats your address?

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