Don’t call it comeback, SHE’S been here for years.

Bah duh duh daaaaah! I’m baaaaack! And this time I’m gonna lay it on you Philly Style. Wicka, wicka. Though, I’ve only been in Philly for 16 hours, and 15 of those hours have been spent inside our apartment, and technically we are 20 minutes outside of “Philly”…so I’m not 100% sure what “Philly Style” is, other than it’s definitely on eastern standard time and I don’t have to go to work. But these are all minor details! I’m sure they’ll figure themselves out. Right?

Anyway, long story short, while packing my whole apartment BY MYSELF (Eric had to go to Philly early) finishing my job (then learning about 100 things I had to write in the week I was planning to pack) preparing for a marathon, and TAKING CARE OF A SMALL PUPPY ALONE…I had a panic attack.

Yeah, a full blown like, “I can’t breath, PASS ME A DAMN XANAX, is the room shrinking or is it just me?” panic attack. It’s ok, I get them from time to time. Therapy is probably long past due, but in order to make it through the week I had to let other people help me and as my sweet mother-in-law said when I spontaneously burst into tears in front Eric’s whole family before Easter Dinner (while he wasn’t there)…”give myself some options.” I’m bad at doing that. But I tried!

So, Eric’s dear family took the Pony for the week, and my own lovely mommy said, “Alison, you’ve run lots of marathons, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I give you permission not to run the marathon.” And when she said this I started hysterically sobbing, so I took that as a cue that it was really stressing me out. So I decided not run this one. And boom, the next morning the sky was blue, the birds were chirping and Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” had the same zip to it as it did before.

I hated giving up Pony for the week, I felt like I was abandoning him. But he was so happy playing with Eric’s family dog Hayley and having four adults around to give him endless attention, so it worked out amazingly, and I got the house all packed without him constantly eating the packing tape. It was also really hard to miss the marathon. On Friday night after Eric and his dad had moved all the furniture into storage, the whole apartment was empty, and the car was packed and ready to go to Philly in the morning, I told Eric I had changed my mind and I was going to run the marathon! I forced him to drive me to the Expo so I could pick up my packet/bib number and t-shirt, then I started hydrating. But, as my mother pointed out, I have a responsibility to try to be as sane as possible for my husband’s sake, so I calmed down and said I’d just wear the t-shirt all Saturday instead and pretend that I had run it. I did all the training after all, all 16 weeks, and I was very capable of running it. Sigh. It wasn’t until day three of our cross country drive that I realized what hell my body would have been in.

So, though preparing for the move was an ordeal in and of itself, the drive from Salt Lake City to Wyncote, PA was actually a lot of fun. I had my two men within two feet of me for 33+ hours in the car…what could be better than that?

Pony LOVED the drive. He was spoiled rotten from all the attention. He was literally within a foot of our faces 24 hours a day for three days. And when he wanted to stay in his kennel instead of play with us we took it personally and dubbed him, “Prince Pony.” We’d try to ignore him, but then we’d want to play again, and he’d retreat farther back into his “Pet Taxi.” Now that we’re in Philly and he doesn’t have our constant attention he’s a little whiny, but deep down I think he’s relieved. He likes his hedge hog shaped ball better than us anyway.

Our apartment is like twice the size of our other one. And it’s funny because we only have clothing and kitchen stuff with us and rental furniture, so we totally don’t have enough stuff to fill the space.

I have a ton of pictures of Pony I know you all can’t WAIT to see…haha. I’ll post them soon. But I just wanted to let you know I love you, I miss you, and I’m back in full effect. And if for some reason you’re life is in emotional upheaval as well, I’d like to say, hold strong and kisses, Pony and I feel your pain.




  1. Amorology

    You’re in Philly! One step closer to eventually being in California! yay! Congratulations on surviving the week. That is A LOT for one person!…even you! 🙂

  2. Krista

    welcome to the east!!!

  3. crystal

    Alison, you made it and so did Pony! Please stop teasing us and post more pictures of the little guy (and no, I don’t mean Eric, although you could post more pictures of him too)

  4. Julia

    I know how hard moving is on me, and Kyle has always done the packing. Way to go.


    We miss you! The place just isn’t the same. I didn’t think it would be. Give Prince Pony a hug for me.

  6. andrea

    remember when you were really stressed? well that is when i made you clean my house. love you!

  7. Mello

    I needed this…I feel a bit more sane now 🙂

  8. Trent & Brooke

    ali- I am about to have the same scenario! I will be packing up our apartment today (i feel the anxiety), then driving cross-country to Baltimore for the summer. AHH wish me luck! (wish i had a puppy) LOVE YOU

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