She’s closed for repairs.

Alison, and consequently sheblogs sheblogs, will be closed for mental and emotional repairs until further notice.

The shop is estimating anywhere between a week to two weeks. (You know how us mechanics are!) However, if all the parts we ordered arrive, and our head mechanic gets back in town, she might be all fixed up sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your patience.




  1. Jen Clark

    Have save travels! Let me know when you’ve arrived!

  2. Ems

    good luck lady…such an adventure!

  3. crystal

    wait, wait, wait…. You really won’t be posting for 1-2 weeks!? I feel as outraged as I do when the mechanic actually tells me that. This is an unacceptable time frame. However, if it must be, I will anxiously await the next post of your new and grand adventure!

  4. The Daily Kirk

    Crazy town runs in the family. Keep on truckin sis.

  5. Sharon

    GOOD LUCK! Change it always good, right?!

  6. andrea

    can we still text?

  7. Shannon

    Sometimes you just need this. I understsand.

  8. Jake and Jenna

    she packs she packs. she drives she drives. she screams she screams. she sobs she sobs. she kisses pony she kisses pony. she unpacks she unpacks. she hugs she hugs. she adapts she adapts. she loves she loves.

    she blogs she blogs.

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