She sure hopes this doesn’t count as her 15 minutes.

How can I leave Salt Lake City right when I’m making headlines?

Oh Utah. Personally I think what is talked about in the LDS (Mormon) General Conference, that took place last weekend here in Salt Lake City, should be discussed in Sunday School, and not in secular newspapers that are intended for the general population. However, some writer found my blog, (may I add he was very nice) and asked if he could ask me some questions about people replacing children with dogs. The article, is based on a BRIEF comment from an LDS Apostle about people using pets to replace children. Whatever your stance on that, so be it, I interpreted the comment as intended to help show part of a bigger world problem: selfishness. I do not feel that Elder Oaks intended his comment to mean people who have dogs are selfish, but instead people who replace human relationships with canine relationships because they are less of a hassle and less expensive, should maybe reevaluate themselves.

Here is a link to the original article in which Pony and I are featured!

Here is a link to a SLC Tribune bloggers comments
…might I add that again, I am baffled at why Utah insists on putting this type of content in their newspapers. Personally I think it further divides the residents and creates a rift perpetuated by bitter ex-members and naive members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints alike.

So Alison, why did you contribute then? Well, I’m glad you asked, because if they ARE going to talk about, I’d be happy to add my two cents.

What I would like to add to these “quotes” is what I fully said. And what I fully said is, “Personally I am more concerned with people getting married after knowing each other for three months and then rushing into children, then people getting pets instead of children. Perhaps THESE people should be required to have a dog first, or at least a plant.” I also said that I think few people really have the insight to properly interpret their own reality. Am I getting a dog to replace children? I don’t think so. Am I getting a dog to help prepare me for commitment? Yes, I think so. But I also think I should have my own band, talk show, and devoted fan base. I am willing to admit that for the most part, I could be insane.

Moving on, if you have particular qualms you’d like to discuss about Mormons, Prop 8, Big Love, or my puppy, please feel free to e-mail me. My address is in my profile. I would be happy to politely and respectfully discuss any of these matters.

But as for now, I must get back to painting the crib for Pony.




  1. hanner

    What a funny article. And you should have submitted that insanity part in your response. I pretty much died laughing at that, maybe because I can relate. One time there was a cat in our parking lot and I starting whistling at it, trying to get its attention, and when it wouldn’t come to me I squealed “Mother!” and ran toward it. And then I heard someone behind me and it turns out my neighbor was standing behind me during that whole scene. Yeah, I might be insane too.

  2. Jill

    Well said; amen.

  3. crystal

    Wait, does that mean I’m kind of famous too since he quoted my comment in the article?? I feel so honored!

  4. Alison


  5. Tim and Sara

    Hurry, get out of Salt Lake while you still can! It’s like the Twilight Zone there! Fleeeee!!!! (With Pony in tow, and a nice lunch break with the Rauchs in Chicago, of course)

  6. Matt and Jennae Porter

    “Paint the crib…” Love it.

  7. naomi


  8. Sam Green

    I am impressed that you were willing to publicly comment on any issue anywhere, considering the media’s tendency to twist words to suit their point.

    Good luck with your puppy.

  9. Kat Green

    The whole Pony versus Baby issue aside, how cool that the local press is hip to “She Blogs, She Blogs.” I think that rocks. You can check one indicator off your personal Rock Star list.

  10. BethanyPeterson

    Allie it was so fun to chat with you last night. You are such a sweet girl and I wish you the best of luck on your adventure this summer! Provo will be waiting for you to come back with arms wide open. You are so friggin cute.

  11. Tiffany Baker

    i’m commenting. Hi, here I am. Loves, Tiffany Baker

  12. Nate Housley

    What the hell. I was so excited to get back to Utah, and this is the first thing that greets me. What a fucked up state.

  13. Alison

    booby! watch yourself!

  14. Samantha

    I have say I think it’s funny that they described you as being married a year with “nothing to show for it reproductively.” I’m hoping that was in jest, right?

    I just want to say:
    I was married 4 years before we had a baby, and I don’t think anyone should RUSH into having babies, obviously, but I have learned that reproductive choices are so different for everyone. I mean everyone’s different, every couple is different- obviously- so I think it’s different for everyone and maybe there isn’t a right or wrong time sometimes.

    My husband and I didn’t have a dog before we had a baby (gerbils? do they count?), but I must say, I am quite sure that any pet doesn’t prepare you for babies. It is very, very different. Like I don’t really think pet owners had a heads-up on me. Nothing really prepares you for a baby of you own, I don’t think. So to me this pet argument is … a moot point. Was that the right phrase here?

  15. Liz

    LOVED what you said about being more concerned about people knowing each other for three months, getting married and immediately getting pregnant. I sure as hell wish THAT would have been in th4e article.

    You are brilliant and charming and wise and I love you.

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