She’s annoyed.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m leaving, but suddenly my work has decided just how “important” I am and how much they “need” me. Why do you have to leave, in order for people to tell you they like you? Like having the funeral AFTER you’re dead. It could have made my time here a whole lot easier had I known they thought I was a worthwhile human being WHILE I was in the office everyday.

Anyway, part of this enlightenment includes having Alison work on a hundred million things. And apparently even though I requested Thursday afternoon off, lo and behold, there is a meeting that I know will take at least two boring hours, scheduled at 1pm. And this makes Alison angry. I feel like growling and stomping. Because I know that the scheduler is trying to fit their PERSONAL agenda, and yet they have NO regard for mine. NONE WHATSOEVER. And he basically said as much when informing me of the time.

After receiving the news of the inconvenient meeting I thought, “What can possibly make me feel better?” And then I looked up at my computer background that is tiled with pictures of my fluffy soon-to-be puppy, Pony. Sweet, sweet, dear Pony. With his little pink nose and loving blue eyes. Goodness and tenderness Puppified in one little package. And then I imagined training him to become a vicious attack dog who takes no prisoners, but is fabulous with children. And THAT made me feel better. That, and blogging about it.

Sigh. I miss the days when my mom could call in to “excuse” my absence.

I love you all,

Alison and Pony

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