She’s in love…

The moral of the story is: never bring your wallet when you go to “look at puppies.”

Instead of running 20 miles like I was supposed to on Saturday (I’ve lost a great deal of pep in my step due to the watch fiasco) Eric and I went to look at dogs! I have been researching breeds and talking to owners to figure out which type of dog will really be best for an apartment, but also can be a great long distance running dog. Herding dogs and hunting dogs seemed to be the two favorites for running, however most of the hunting dogs are pretty big. I had fallen in love with Vizslas but I was also learning about Australian Shepards after meeting a particularly wonderful one on a run.

I wanted to check out our adoption options, so we went to PetSmart and met some adorable dogs from the shelter. I fell in love with an Aussie/Collie named Sadie. But Eric and I were not planning on getting a dog until we moved to Philly. Plus Eric said Sadie was too big. “How would we get her to Philly? Where would she sit?” Sigh. She was pretty big. But those brown eyes were killer. I looked like all of the other five-year-olds begging their dad to let them, “PET THE PUPPY!” But Eric held his ground.

After I pouted and talked in a puppy voice for a while longer, Eric agreed to go the Utah Humane Society to see some more dogs. Again JUST TO LOOK. There was an 8-month Vizsla/Lab mix named Roxie who was just a doll. I was so excited to meet a Vizsla in person because I had only read about them. She was a bit more muscular than I really wanted, and her coat was not that soft (I grew up with Golden Retrievers, I’m used to soft fur) but still, she was so beautiful. We took the lady out for a walk.

Roxie obviously doesn’t get out much. She was ALL OVER THE PLACE and very, very strong. Eric had to hold the leash most of the time. I know the shelter people do the best they can, but Roxie was insane. I understand with love and patience, even the craziest dogs can become great, but Roxie was just too big for this little girl. After about 10 minutes of chasing after her, she jumped up and gave me a bloody lip. And that was when I decided Eric had a good point about a smaller dog. I really wish the best for Roxie, and if you are a talented dog person with a yard you should go and give her a visit! But I had to be realistic, I love dogs, but I don’t love them unconditionally.

We left the shelter with some good perspective. Yes it is noble and wonderful to adopt a dog, and I respect and admire those who do. But after seeing how hard it was going to be to train a full sized dog…in an apartment, I was more open to the idea of visiting some breeders to find a pup who met our more specific needs.

After visiting Eric’s parents on Sunday afternoon I started telling Eric about a miniature Australian Shepard breeder that lived in Morgan Utah.

“Those are hard to find!” I said, “I looked on the Internet for a long time! Plus they are right down the street! Who knows if we will be able to find one in Philly! We should just go look!”

Eric, being the puppy lover that he is, agreed, and we called the breeder. She said we could come over right then, so we drove an hour to Morgan Utah to see Ann and her puppies.

Miniature Australian Shepards were developed simply by breeding smaller Aussies. They have the exact same energy and personality as a big pup, but they are smaller. They are good with kids (for the future) and herding dogs, so they have endless energy. They have soft furry coats and they are very smart.

So after an hour in the car of me changing all the lyrics of every song to be about puppies, we arrived at Ann’s house.

She brought the puppy out and after two mintues Eric declared, “We’ll take him!” How could you resist such a face?

Haha. THEY WERE SOOO CUTE. We told Ann about our living arrangements, travel plans, and my running. And she said we were a great match! Then she brought out two other puppies. But we ended up going with our first little one because he had the most unique coat and he was the biggest. He will still be small, but not too small. Perfect! We are going to go pick him up after I finish work, so around April 10th. I already miss him! But until then I will be busy getting his little puppy home ready! And learning how to be the best mom/trainer ever!

I’m so so excited. But also ready to have my life completely taken over by puppy town. I love you all, almost as much as my new puppy.

And yes, his name is Pony.


Alison, Eric and Pony


  1. Lauren Kay

    That’s what kind of dog our family has! We love her. She’s perfect and loves going on runs. Good choice.

  2. Heather

    AHHH!!! You’re going to love having a dog!! Matt and I have had Wanda for 2.5 years now and she’s truly another family member to us!! Have fun with pony!

  3. Alison

    Yeah! I’m so excited. Lauren your pup is so cute!

  4. Julia

    Yay! Congratulations. You will be a great puppy mom.

  5. Amanda

    Pony is adorable. If only I could convince Ben that dogs are awesome. He doesn’t believe me. And yes, you have met a Vizsla/lab mix. His name was Ernie and he was my grandpas dog. Remember? The slightly gay, goldish dog that used to get violated by Medor the german shepard? Yeah, he wasn’t as cool as Nestle.

  6. Alison

    amanda! i totally forgot!! amazing!

  7. Tim and Sara

    Ohhhhh you are in trouble (in a good way!)! Be prepared for your dog to have diarrhea for a week after you move. It stresses them out, and puppies love to get diarrhea anyway, and usually will have “soft stools” right when you bring them home. SO much fun to talk about dog poop, by the way. That puppy is adorable and I want to meet it in Chicago (please??)! And my dog would love to stomp on it, as he does with puppies, in a most loving way.

  8. darcie

    your dog wants me to kiss him. and i can’t own a vizsla either because i can’t have a dog that’s more beautiful than i.

  9. naomi

    so cute

  10. crystal

    Oh Pony is adorable!!! You are going to be the best little mom in town, how lucky could a dog be.

  11. Katie

    Oh, he is SOOOO awesome! What a great little guy!

    Welcome to a few intense months of housebreaking and a daily report on the status of his poo. I love having a dog!

  12. Emily

    cutest puppy Ive ever seen. We’re putting mini australian shepards into our list of options when our puppy time comes!

  13. Matt Clayton

    “So after an hour in the car of me changing all the lyrics of every song to be about puppies…” This might be why we’re friends.

  14. Alicia

    Oh, I am in love with your new puppy too! Congrats on finding a great match for you and your hubby! He seems like he will be perfect for you guys! I wanna cuddle him!

  15. JenErik

    well – good luck with a dog. 🙂 Have to admit – love the name.


    he looks like a baby Fowlcore off of neverending story! Maybe he will grow up to be a luck dragon too!

  17. Courty

    Pony is so cute!! I can’t wait to meet him!!!

  18. Alison

    Mandy, you are not the first to make a the falcor claim! HAHA. Maybe we should name him pony falcor!

  19. ashley

    oh my gosh! soooo cute. i love her!

  20. Jendar

    cute dog! when are you moving to philly?youll be so close.

  21. AGO

    OMG OMG OMG I am soooooo jealous I want a puppy!

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