She’s a little down.

Surprisingly enough, when I’m down, I don’t feel much like sharing. The low lows are the price I pay for the high highs. I revel in it.

And speaking of high.

Here’s a little something. Judge me, hate me, mock me. I still love it. And it makes me feel better. Not the video really, but the song. I haven’t figured out how to just post songs though.

Cycle of life man, that’s deep.

love you poopy pants.


  1. Kristin

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who still loves Saves the Day. Now I’m totally going to find my case of high school CDs and torture my husband. Also, I’m sorry you’re in a funk! I think this may have been created for just this moment in your life:

  2. crystal

    Who would ever possibly judge or hate you for enjoying such great music??? This takes me back to my freshman year at BYU… good memories. Saves The Day probably has some of the best lyrics of any band I know. Hope your day gets better.

  3. Jessica Dahlquist

    Please don’t joke about poopy pants. I have a new student in my class that has poop accidents occasionally. Even when he doesn’t he smells like poo. It is so tramatic!

  4. Club Narwhal

    YES! STD!!! (both the disease acronym and the band!) this made me a little nostalgic for that one cd of theirs, through being cool. i maybe thought my life began the day the cool kid in my sophomore year history class brought that in. and now look at the wreck of me: pansy banjo music up the wazoo.

  5. Phil

    Holly Hox and the Forget Me Nots – A Saves the Day Tribute band. 425 E center st. April 3, 8:30 pm.

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