She has a magic watch. She LOVES her magic watch.

So, I’m here at the Comfort Inn in Green River, a small town about 50 miles outside of Moab. We are here in Green River because I just ran the Moab 1/2 Marathon. But, we had to stay in Green River, not beautiful Moab, because if you don’t sign up for accommodations in October (before you even sign up for the race) like the other over-eager runners, you’re screwed. It’s not too bad though, there is a Blimpie’s across the street and we have a giant tub about 8 feet away from our bed. Yes it’s as random as it sounds.

FYI a half marathon is only 13.1 miles, a whole is 26.2. I plan to run the full SLC Marathon in April (notice how I say PLAN to). So, in order to prepare me for running these distances, I have a watch that I train with, it’s a Nike Plus watch. It supposedly tells me my distance, my pace per mile, and my elapsed time.

Now, I knew that my watch was off. As in, I thought it was telling me I was running about a minute faster than I actually was. But I checked some runs on google maps, and I thought it was at least getting the distances right. Sigh.

According to my watch today I actually ran 14.25 miles and not a measly 13.1. Also according to MY watch, and not that giant clock that those nit-picky race directors think is God, I ran about an 8:24 minute mile. Which sounds a whole lot better than the 9 minute mile THEY say I ran.

I finished about 7 minutes slower than I had hoped to. BUT according to my watch, it was still a really good run compared to what I have been doing for the past three months with my magic watch.

So instead of getting upset, and pouting, I’m just going to live my life, and center my reality around my magic watch. A watch I plan on calibrating as soon as I get home. Then I will really know how slow I actually am, but I will never forget the amazing 14.25 miles I ran here with the great pace of 8:24.

If you want to feel good about yourself give me a call, and I’ll lend you my magic watch before I turn it back into a mere mortal.

Love your really, really, fast friend,



  1. andrea

    you have been married almost 1 year! good job!

  2. Sharon

    Nice job Alison! I have a friend here who is going to run the SLC marathon also!

  3. Fish Nat!on

    I say keep the watch as is. No harm in thinking you are better than you are. And besides…I trust Nike waaayyy more than I trust a bunch of granolas in Moab.

  4. shelly

    Congratulations! Very, very impressive. And, I think everyone needs a magic watch.

  5. ferociousnate

    I think it’s clear at this point that the Moab half-marathon people screwed up the distance. They measured out a 14.2 mile course instead of 13.1. Those idiots!!!

  6. Stephanie

    Can your magic watch get me to get off MY big butt and actually attempt to run??? If so, I’m interested.

  7. Nate Housley

    I got Sprinkles! He’s a dark grey, which is awesome, because it makes his smile look sinister.

  8. Liz

    Yes, I had similar problems with the Nike Plus, even after I callibrated it.

    I’ve researched this extensively, and the reason that it is so inaccurate is that it is not GPS-based.

    Solution: I asked for the Garmin 305 GPS watch for Christmas a couple years ago and I have been loving my life ever since. It is dead-on accurate. But much more expensive than Nike Plus. But very worth it. But.

  9. Alison

    Liz! yes, I want that watch so very much. I just dont have the funds currently. I do love the website though, i calibrated and I will be interested to see if it works better!

  10. audrey

    ha. i want a magic watch too. training for a half now. i could use that extra oomph : )

    so we live in boston, and you’re moving to philly?? so close! you’re an hour from my parents in bethlehem. are you ready for some new england fun ??? : )

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