She promotes herself and her butt.

So, Sunday March 22, 2009 will be my one year anniversary with my adorable husband Eric. We will be in Moab for the weekend because I am running the half marathon. See, I managed to even make our one year anniversary all about me! I’m the worst!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have more to say on the matter, however, many things that I would like to convey on the subject of marriage are neatly summarized in the latest article I wrote for Square Magazine. Should you feel so inclined…

Here is the link to my article.

I love you all and hope you’re having a wonderful day! Things are going well over here in Cubicle City, except, MY GLUTES HURTS SO BAD. It’s probably from all the running, but I’ve never had this problem before. Maybe it’s because I sit more than I ever have? Or because my butt, is, um, a little larger? You’d think that would help! I have had so many meetings lately, and I usually spend half of them dancing around in my chair. It’s really a predicament because I can’t shout, “MY BUTT HURRRRTS!!!” in the middle of meetings, or explain how I’m training for a marathon and the glutes are a very large muscle group and maybe I’m not stretching them enough etc. Even though I DO walk around the office complaining about the pain…loudly, to anyone who will listen. Last night Eric and I went to the Jazz game with some friends, and those seats were just killer. I even made Eric give me a massage sometime during the first quarter. Yes, on my butt. He really is the best husband ever. Anyway, any advice on alleviating severe gluteus maximus pain would be greatly appreciated.




  1. Evan

    licking helps

  2. Tim and Sara

    I find not running to also be very effective. J/K! Long live runners! Still running (jogging) over here!

  3. chooch

    i’ve held off commenting on your blog for forever.. i found you a couple months ago when “snippet and ink” showed your sisters wedding,and after much link clicking, was like~ no way! it’s the cute bubbly girl who’s wedding dress we altered! your blog is probably my favorite thing ever.. and i love your article on marriage- which is why i’m commenting. love it! and something i needed to hear. thank you alison!

    love your blog!

    ps:sorry about your glutes! does icy hot help for that? eric is a rare man in deed to rub your butt at a basketball game Ü

  4. andrea

    why are evans comments on blogs the worst/best.

  5. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Um I don’t know whether to laugh or be grossed out by Evan’s comment?! I liked your article!

  6. Alison

    jennae, don’t be alarmed, Evan loves to talk about butt licking.

  7. megan

    He is such a catch!

  8. Alison

    chooch! welcome! thanks for making my dress so amazing! what fun! i’m glad the article spoke to you!





  9. Sharon

    Congrats on your anniversary! Good luck on the half marathon this weekend!

  10. ferociousnate

    Good luck at the half marathon!!! I’m not a 21 year old girl and I LOVE your blog.

  11. Tim and Sara

    You totally got a shout out on my blog via our jazz flute convo!

  12. 007

    Love the square article…I think you and love are getting along quite well

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