She Wears Green.

I looove a holiday. Especially one that REQUIRES you to wear something specific, like a color. Perhaps like, oh, I don’t know…GREEN! I think the decision to dress up or to not dress up says a lot about a person. You can probably guess which kind of person I am, obviously I am sitting here writing this in my green pants. I know, who has green pants? Apparently I do.

Dresser uppers are participators, supporters, I would say most of us are NAH’s. We like to have something to look forward to. Now I’m not going to knock you obviously too-cool-for-school “I will not buy into secularized holidays that are a mockery of what they once stood for” NON dresser uppers, because as you know I love you no matter how much of a stick in the mud you are. All I’m saying is, by not wearing green you’re making as much of a statement as if you were.

And then there are those who can’t be bothered to remember such trivial things like “wearing green” and your ever-buzzing mind is too busy thinking of solutions to the world’s problems to remember what shirt to wear. And in that case well, I guess you’re also saying something about yourself. Who knew when push comes to shove you REALLY can be defined by your wardrobe decisions?

Anyway, whether you dress up, or not, whether you celebrate or not, I’d like to wish you a happy St. Patrick’s day! I hope it’s a wonderful one filled with trickery and shenanigans. And I’d also like to honor some things that were designed to inherently celebrate March 17th:

Permissive traffic lights
My hair after swim practice in 5th grade
Cow food
My husband’s eyes
Salt Lake City Street Signs
My favorite pair of shoes
Bells of Ireland
My brother Kirk’s first car, a 1972 Mustang
My mother’s maiden name
Half of the color scheme of my high school alma mater
and of course
My pants.

LUCK OF THE IRISH TO YA! Now off you go to aggressively kiss someone. And please do tell if you remembered to get your green on.




  1. adrienne

    I do. I have a pair of green denim pants.

    Mr. Green Jeans would be proud of us both.

  2. Katie

    Of course.

    Bright green dress, head to toe.

    I love being NAH

  3. T.RIPPY

    I wore green pants today too!

  4. Kelly M

    I found your blog through Google Reader recommendation- and I love it! I’ve read it a few times here and there and it always makes me smile. I’m officially following you now, so I just thought I’d admit it.

    As for St. Patrick’s Day- I didn’t realize what day it was until we were done with breakfast and all dressed and I had the radio on. When they mentioned it, I immediately made all 4 kids change into green clothes (well, two of them I had to change) and I changed into green. Then I made sure we ate only green food for lunch, and I made green jello jigglers for an afternoon snack. So, that ought to tell you a little about me! 🙂

  5. Alison

    Kelly! I love your dedication to all things green. That’s just the type of spirit I can get behind. Welcome!

  6. Jen Clark

    You know I got my green on! Shirt and shoes to match. And I loved your pants!

  7. Emily

    Bells of Ireland! The raddest flower there is… and those green chrysanthemums.

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