Ella es de California.

This past weekend Eric and I took a little road trip to St. George. Eric’s company rented out some houses for a managers retreat. So Eric and me, and like 10 other couples, COUPLES WEEKEND TO THE MAX partied in the red rock.

I really love St. George. I love running the trails there, and it’s always a nice respite from Winter. Right about this time of year I have an especially hard time with the last of the cold, I think a lot of people feel this way before Spring is totally here. And instead of getting depressed and sulky, I just start getting pissed whenever the sun isn’t out.

I’ve been in Utah, oh is it 7 years now? Just about. And more or less I have fashioned a pretty good attitude about the state in general. I came here as a very snotty Southern Californian, but the beautiful falls and those damn mountains have grown on me. And because I have been here the majority of my adult life, in a lot of ways I feel local.

But every so often, like on a cold gray morning like today, I’ll wake up and feel like shouting, “I’m from San Diego DAMMIT! And I’m not going to take this anymore!” It took me years, and marrying an Alpine boy, to learn that being from California doesn’t make me better than Utahans. It’s not their fault they were born here. And really, there are a lot of good things in general. There’s that whole cool “I play in the mountains drink from Nalgene bottles and drive a gnar gnar Subaru” vibe. There are the campers and the skiers, hikers and bikers. And don’t get me wrong, I think that’s all really “cool.” But I’m not going to fake it, I don’t think I’m better than Utah, I love Utah, maybe it’s too good for me, but deep deep down I DO think all of us Southern Californians are inherently cooler.

Yeah, I said it. Cooler. You know why? Because I grew up next to the beach people! I grew up wearing flip flops 95% of the year. I grew up with a perpetual tan and bleach blond hair. And I love it! And I miss it all! I miss it so much. I miss the salty air and I miss the beat up old Benz’s with surfboards strapped to the top. I miss the sandy boardwalks and bonfires. I miss wetness in the air that is nowhere to be found in Utah. I miss my clear moisturized skin, and I even miss the surf shops where I bought all of my Volcom gear in high school. Most of the year I love the snowy peaks and grid system, but right about now, I have absolutely no need for it. Because I miss Jack in the Box, Yogurt Mill and Oscar’s. I miss Eucalyptus trees and the overuse of Palm trees in landscaping. I miss birds of paradise and agapanthus. I miss the green. All of the green and mostly the blue.

And I don’t care if you see my true colors. I’m from San Diego, and UTAH! you can’t take that from me. Sure, I may never be able to afford to live there again, and I might not even be able to afford a plane ticket home. But I grew up not knowing the definition of a “nice day” because EVERYDAY was a nice day. And man, I miss it.

So I do apologize for the nostalgic and somewhat exclusive post. But I just needed to reminisce. Just for a little, before I get back to work, back to snow, and back to reality.

I love you all, Utahans, Californians, and you east coasters, I even love you too.

I have a lot of ponies to mail out, so if you have one coming, it’s on the way.




  1. +L

    i don’t think you could have pin pointed just exactly how i feel any better. i’m sulking today too- and not because i’m in the snow (since we call the george home, for now) but because of the prospext of moving back up to salt lake. ugh. i miss home.

  2. Ben and Jen

    I LOVE California! I wish I lived there! The cold and snow really put me in a grumpy mood. Ben doesn’t seem to mind it as much, but the first chance I have to get out of this weather, you better believe I’m taking it!

  3. [AnnieR]

    A. Men.

  4. Kimberly Ngarupe

    no soy de california pero quiero estar en la a hoy. hace muy frío. no lo me gusta.

  5. emilyhutchison

    “Southern Californians are inherently cooler”? Do your homework Faulkner.

  6. Breanne King

    yeah…i know…we are cooler. so much cooler. every winter i think i’ll get used to it, and even like it. but i dont…I HATE IT!!

  7. Alison

    I’ve been doing the homework 7 years now hutch! haha, but you pass.

  8. Alex

    I miss home too, Ali! No need for aromatherapy where we’re from- just walk outside and smell the eucalyptus!

    I’m so bummed marilyn and craiger won’t be our neighbors anymore!


  9. Amanda

    My sentiments exactly. People often wonder why I traded 73 degree weather for 100 inches of annual snow. Husbands. I take pride in the fact I’m from Southern California. It just sounds cool. I can’t believe my parents tell people they’re from Utah. Traitors.

  10. Sharon

    Once I said to a friend, “I feel guilty that we get such perfect weather most of the time”–she said “I don’t! I pay GOOD money to live in this weather!” “Well said” I thought! So, sorry to gloat, but it’s a frigid 66 degrees today, yet I still walked out in the sunshine this morning! No ice, no snow, no rain, only green hills with the last of the morning fog on them. Beautiful!

  11. Kristin

    In the timeless words of Danielle Mathis, I hear ya barkin big dog.

  12. JenErik

    Try living in Minnesota where it is winter until June. I’M NOT JOKING! From your description I feel like I am a California Girl just wanting to go home – or just wanted some SUN in my life.

  13. alexismunoadyer

    OH MY HECK!! ha. At least there a “Sehls” that will currrre yer “Fehlin’ s” of winterrrrr homesickness.
    that was my ut accent that i have acquired the past 5.5 years.

    i’m goin’ LOCA right now.

    Its true that sometimes i want to scream “50 degrees is still freaking cold!” at people who are wearing t-shirts.

    i posted this last weekhttp://totallyautomatic.blogspot.com/2009/03/oh-california.html

    hurry spring hurry! before my little San Diegan heart freezes over!

    love you!

  14. Tim and Sara

    Wisconsin – also winter ’til June. I still think I’m just a little bit better than people from Utah or Wisconsin, or pretty much everywhere else other than California. And this morning it was about 13 degrees with wind chill. And I keep repeating to myself, “IhateithereIhateithere” and “onlyonemorewinter”. And I pretend that everyone else everywhere in the world is suffering just as much as me.

  15. Katie

    Move to Boulder. Best of both worlds.

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