She wants a puppy, and a PONY!

Last night I asked Eric a question. And like millions of females before me, I promised my husband that no matter what his answer was, I would NOT get mad.

Let it be so noted that I asked Eric this question after making him watch roughly five song and dance numbers, performed by me, me and me…begged him to give me a piggy back ride because I stepped in dog poop while performing, “Hey Mickey!” And then continued to do an interpretative dance to “Lady Marmalade” while he did the dishes.

It was somewhere towards my last verse of “Voulez vous coucher avec moi…all my sistas yea!!!” That I paused and said, “Eric we have been married almost a year. Now tell me, in all seriousness, when you married me did you realize that I would require THIS much attention?”

Eric, being the brilliant man that he is, did not answer the question. But I continued pressing him, and finally he said, “Well, no…” then he quickly followed it with a, “but I like it!” Again, if only all men were as smart as mine.

Of course after he gave me the answer I was looking for I declared how independent I am and that I just LIKE his attention…I don’t NEED it!

Earlier that evening Eric and I had gone to see the movie Bolt at the dollar theater. Watching this movie, which I thought was really cute, and the combination of our conversation about my attention “needs” led us to a realization that has been a long time coming: we need a dog.

And this is where you come in…

We have been talking about dogs for a while, but now we are seriously considering one, and I am getting really really excited!!! But I want to make sure we explore all of our options. So I’m looking for suggestions.

Here are some guidelines. Because we will probably be living in an apartment for a while, it can’t be a huge dog. But I was raised with Golden Retrievers, so tiny little dogs are kind of silly to me. I think I like short hair dogs. Eric’s family has a Cocker Spaniel, and she is great, but no offense to Hayley, I don’t think curly hair dogs are what I’m looking for. But I mean, you never know! Each puppy is different! I’m not opposed to muts or mixes. Eric likes Terriers, and I’m pretty much in love with Boston Terriers I have decided. Mostly because I think one would match really well with all my decor. Is that wrong?

OK, so if you have any suggestions I’m up for them. It might be a while before we get the puppy, but you know me…I like to build things up really really big with so much anticipation that I usually get anxiety when it comes to the actual event. But unlike most “builder-uppers” things usually live up to the hype in my mind. So let’s blow this baby out of proportion! It’s PUPPY TIME!!

I think I’ll name him “Pony.”


  1. Sharon

    Ok, what is the deal with DOGS lately???? My family has been BEGGING and BEGGING me for a dog for so long! I am the hold out cause I’m not ready to take care of one more thing! But lately, all our friends have gotten dogs, people who I never thought would get one did, then Gary took me to see Marley and Me on Saturday! ARRGGG! I guess we’re joining the ranks of dog owners soon!

  2. PerniPwr

    get a miniature english bulldog puppy…google it i'm not even kidding. ORRRR swich to a cat & get a miniature teacup kitten…they do exist. they're called "rug snugglers" could you resist!? go to youtube and search "obadiah the cutest persian kitten in the world" will not be sorry. smooches!!

  3. Tara

    Boston’s are perfect. Though they do love attention and tend to offer up a LOT of wet kisses. Get a female. You will love it–it took me 4 years of marriage (begging and pleading) to get ours.

    (I am Matt Faulkner’s sister-in-law, sorry for the randomness . . . )

  4. +L

    i’m partial to shih tzu’s- especially of the imperial variety like our marley is. but whatever dog you get, make sure you get them fixed. dealing with doggie menstrual cycles or the humping of the furniture can get a little out of hand. a word to the wise…

  5. Sammy

    All I can say is research what the dog is bred for, they will always have tendencies to go back to what they are bred for. Some characteristics you can work on training, but some you can. I would suggest calling a “puppy school” to speak with them about breeds. They see so many dogs on a regular basis that they can give you a really good idea. I would suggest calling Don’s Pet Care 801-393-5143, we took our Golden’s there for training and they are great

  6. Breanne King

    HEY! Eddie and I have been married for coming up on 3 years and still NO PUPPY!
    Tell me, how do I talk eddie into it? I think I’m gonna tell him to get me a puppy or else…or else I’ll accidentally get knocked up. I think that’ll scare him into it.

  7. em ♥ russ

    cutest. pooch. ever.

  8. caitlin

    poodle. they are super smart, they don’t shed, and you can actually find some cute ones. perfect for an apartment.

    i am telling you this because that is what i want, but will never get.

  9. JenErik

    If you are going to get a dog you might as well have a kid instead. Personally I believe they require the same amount of attention as a child if not more. Just a thought 🙂

  10. Alicia

    I would start out with a few breeds that you think are cute and then look at the characteristics and needs of the dogs. Some have high energy levels that would be hard in an apartment, but I know you like to run so maybe you would want to get a medium sized dog that would be a good jogging buddy? There are so many wonderful dogs out there and I encourage you to look at adopting first! There are TONS AND TONS puppies and young dogs people buy spur of the moment and then want to sell them (craigslist) or just them off at the animal shelter. We adopted Lilly and she is a sweet loving girl! She was only 8 months old so she was still puppy like with lots of energy, etc. Anyway, if you have any questions about all of the different animal adoption agencies or animal shelters to look at let me know! Also is a good place to start!
    Both of our dogs are shi tzu/poodle mixes. There are a lot of different mixes out there that don’t shed and are great indoor pets. But we do have to cut their hair quite often which is an added expense. About $90 every couple months.
    I agree with the spay and neutering! Get your puppy fixed as soon as you can. It was kind of a hard decision for me since the thought of our adorable Izzy having tiny adorable puppies was very enticing, but I didn’t want to add to the over loaded dog population.
    Anyway, I could go on forever. If I can help in anyway, let me know! I love doggies!

  11. Alicia

    Also, dogs are good practice before having kids! 🙂 Except you can leave dogs alone for hours and Cohen would never allow that. He is all about entertainment. 🙂

  12. Chelsea

    My family had a shih tzu and he is a splended dog. He’s not so little that he’s a prissy dog, but also not too big for apartment living. He doesn’t shed, and doesn’t need a lot of running space. He’s a good dog.
    Terriers are also good for all of the reasons listed above.
    Good luck!

  13. andrea

    the little dog lauren and shane has is the best! a caton

  14. dana and justin

    yes! puppies! they are really hard, but i sure love mine 😉 i know people think i’m crazy for getting a beagle. i think i chose a beagle because i think they are the best looking. haha. good luck with your decision!

  15. Patricia

    just think of the promise you made to the puppy in the premortal existence. you promised that once day you would find her/him, and that you would be together. forever.

    definitely go with the pound puppy. those dogs need all the love that you can give them.

  16. Katie

    My man and I had the exact same criteria for a dog and here were our top 3 choices:

    1) boxer (what we ended up getting)
    2) boston terrier
    3) french bulldog

    If you’re going to get a puppy be sure that you have a LOT of spare time on your hands. They require so much work the first couple of months with housebreaking and setting boundaries.

  17. Trisha


  18. Roberston

    border terrier. please oh please!!!!

  19. Kim

    I just came upon your site through you comment on Decor8. My husband’s family has always had boston terriers. They are wonderful dogs. We have two pugs, and they are fabulous, too. I love the 20-ish pound dog size. They seem durable, but are good for smaller spaces and dont’ need as much room to run.

    Good luck.

  20. shelly

    You should check into Westies — West Highland White Terrier. Heather (Norton) Mildenstein ( has one and LOVES her! She posts about her on her blog all the time.

  21. Julia

    Is this because Obama is getting a dog? I know that he’s inspiring but this is taking it a little far…..

  22. Nichole

    i thought you would enjoy this epic-ness:

  23. Alison

    nichole! that is amazing! i can’t believe how wonderful it all is! Thanks yoU!

  24. Audrey

    obviously you should get a pugsly!!! i know how much you love my dogs, seriously, merlin is magical. think about it. ill even give you toby for free.

  25. Mack Attack

    I LOVE my Akita and they’re not super energetic so they can go in an apartment. But Daniel and Kiana have two boston terriers and they’re so cute. But they have horrible farts…not so good for an apartment.

  26. Sean

    You should get a whippet. They are like a mini-greyhound. Tons of energy when you want to take them out to play but very very chill when at home. They love nothing more than lying around the house sleeping. They are anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds and they are extremely friendly with kids and visitors. And they are intelligent as all hell.

  27. AOBrien

    It’s been eons since i have written here,but there is a dog think would work for you.. a bull terrier.. They are really unique looking and remind me of the 50’s. I love em

  28. karlee

    The pet overpopulation is crazy, and you can find many purebred puppies at shelters anyways. or mixes, whatever. Try, they’ll have good resources. Or just call up a shelter! Or the humane society. So many adoptable animals are euthanized, its sad.

  29. JO

    Oh,baby, get the boston terrier! That was my first family dog and I’ve never had another dog of the same intelligence as Tux (Little Bits Fancy Tuxedo was his AKC name). He was so patient with kids and had a wonderful personality. I would, however, get a female, as I’ve heard that males do mark–Tux was a gentleman and did not do such things, so we were fortunate.

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