She’s the town drunk.

Things have been crazy at work, to say the least.

But today, before I went back to my millions of to-do’s after lunch, I swung by Maverik to pick up the remedy, for what I like to consider, my adorable addiction.

The girls working behind the counter sang praises as I flashed a 20 oz cup and said, “Look! I remembered to bring in the one from yesterday!”

I filleruped with 3/4 Diet Coke and 1/4 Dr. Pepper, and then got in line to pay for my soda pop.

That’s when my gal pals said, “Don’t you worry about it! This one’s on us!”

As I thanked them and told them I loved them, I walked out of the Maverik feeling triumphant. However, in all my glory this thought struck me: to them I am pretty much the equivalent of a town drunk. They can afford to give me a freebie because they know, no matter how much free liquid addiction they throw my way, I’ll always, ALWAYS be back for another.

I walked to my car, my head held not quite as high as it was before, and then I decided, “screw it” (in so many words…) and then I took a nice long sip. If this one tiny habit keeps me from turning to pot, booze, madness and the like, it’s one definitely worth keeping.

Back to work suckas. Picture me rollin’.


  1. Alex

    I am addicted to Maverik fro-yo like you are to their diet coke…the people there are so recession-friendly! They gave me 6 stamps on my yogurt-loyalty card (yes they have them) for the price of one! I love Mav. I love you. I love your blog.

  2. Alison

    I got fro-yo last night!!! I LOVE IT!

  3. Matt and Jennae Porter

    The gargoyle totally made me laugh. Caffeine addiction is so not a big deal, no need to fret. You’ll still be in the top tier of the CK for sure! 🙂

  4. Ben and Jen

    I love Diet Coke too! And I do the occasional mix-in of DP when I’m feeling wild. Why aren’t we better friends? Ben told me the boys want to go to a jazz game together, and I agree…let’s do it! You guys say when and we’ll be there!

  5. JenErik

    I’m so proud of you for getting “THE MIX” – did you learn that from me or are we just the best of friends? What I’d give for DC/DP mix right now.

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