She Wants to Give.

Ok those three-day weekends will really throw you for a loop!

But! The giveaway for a Sprinkles the Pony is still on. It will close tomorrow night! Wednesday night! So leave a comment below!

love your guts!

I might have some pictures of me on the way in a very special Wizard-like Valentine’s gift…stay tuned!


  1. alexismunoa

    happy week after three day weekend! Hope you’re doing well! xox!

  2. +L

    where do you get your felt from?? a store or the internet?? thanks homes.

  3. Wordy McGee

    My bare, broochless coat would sure love it some Sprinkles. Also, ponies collectively owe me for the time I did mucking out stalls at an equestrian summer camp in my youth.

  4. Mary

    Thank you for the fun valentine you two are just so darn cute! We marked in our own answer though: “Heck No!”…wait wait that wasn’t it what I meant was “HECK YES!” Love you two

  5. JO

    I want to know if you got that Snuggie you wanted!

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