She screams, “Oh Pandora how do you do what you do SO WELL!”

Listen up, I have like a ton of work. For a while there I thought they were tapering off my workload and that they wanted to fire me. Unfortunately, or I guess you could say fortunately, like many things, it was all in my head. They have now loaded me up like a baked potato at Outback.

Anyway, this means that I need a lot of good tunes to help me pump out my jammin’ words. Now I’ve known about Pandora for quite some time, but never really taken advantage of its goodness til now. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR.

If for some odd reason you’re not hip with Pandora Radio, it’s basically a website where you can go and create “radio stations” based on either an artist or a song you like. You can give songs thumbs up or a thumbs down, and then based on what you SAY you like, they give you more songs with similar qualities. Oh yes, and it’s all free.

Sometimes it’s creepy how well they pick out songs for me. Like they’ve been spying on me my whole life and know that I have a special bond with all Motown classics. And that when I was 9 I got a box set of Motown’s greatest hits CD’s and that listening to Rick James, “Give it to me baby” reminds me of my fifth grade President self dancing around my sunflower room eating Dunkaroo’s I had stolen from the fridge even though I was supposed to be on my Jenny Craig diet. Sometimes I actually say to the screen, “Pandora! How do you do it!?”

Right now my FAVORITES are my “Prince” radio station, oh I love it so much. And my “September” station, September as in Earth, Wind & Fire. I cannot sit still at my desk. I would say half of my time is spent dancing/trying to work and the other half with actual work once I have suffciently gotten my groove out. But sometimes Pandora uses her powers for evil. I have a “Mountain Goats” radio station that I love, but with it Pandora beams over just the right songs to send me into a depressed self-indulgent slump where I sit staring at my computer forlornly questioning my existence. It’s rough.

Anyway, please share you Pandora Radio favorites so I can make it through this week. This WEEK OF LOVE!!! LOVE SWEET LOVE!

I love you all. Almost as much as I love Rick James.




  1. Samantha

    I’m on Pandora every day, and could share with you my stations, but don’t know how…

  2. Kenny

    i used to have pandoralust, too. but after hours and hours of it pushing the same small selection of songs into my earbud, i discovered

    i think it’s way way way better.

    i also realize this comment sounds like a corporate shill for trying to sound nonchalant in response to a glowing review for the competition.

    but i don’t care because i love backhanded online marketing tactics.

    so visit this site, it’s uber cool and awesomerz!!!

    corporate shills!!!

  3. Alex

    Hahaha I loved Dunkaroos…

    and i also love Pandora.

  4. Krista

    Ooo, i LOVE pandora!
    here’s a blog you need to talk about during this week-o-love:
    it’s full of delicious, naughty treats!

  5. Alison

    krista! I saw that blog the other week, thanks for reminding me, it’s so freaking cute huh!

  6. Bek

    I kid you not, I truly had a spiritual experience with pandora last week. I said this prayer in the moment, and then God played me a song via Pandora that was PERFECT!

    Pandora’s box? More like Pandora’s blessings.

  7. Scott Christopherson

    Rick James, Prince, classics. Amen

  8. JO

    Thanks for the tip about Pandora. I’ve never heard of it, and might like this at work instead of Accuradio at times. It’s nice to have a change.

  9. Katie

    I love Pandora with every fiber of my being.

    My favorite station right now is Adele’s “Right as Rain”. So awesome!

  10. hanner

    My fave Pandora station is my “Everywhere” station. (As in Fleetwood Mac, not Michelle Branch.) How did they know that I wanted “How Will I Know?” by Whitney??

  11. Alison

    Hannah I’m on it.

  12. Club Narwhal

    i have this mariah carey station that so utterly knows every fiber of my being i have gotten over being creeped out and have moved into the stage of tru luv, 4-eva and eva.

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