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For all my talk of love, acceptance, and blah blah blah, I’m really pretty snotty about a few things. As my friend Tara LOUDLY pointed out last night, I’m snotty about people not trying to learn names, THANKS TARA! I’m also pretty snotty about people who can’t keep up with my pace of conversation (meaning non-linear thought and incomplete sentences, DUH! Like who can’t follow that!?) I mean, I’m not snotty intentionally. I just have a hard time being patient. So maybe I’m a bit of a princess. In fact, three different ex-boyfriends at one point in our relationships gave me “Princess” paraphernalia. THREE OF THEM. This is when it occurred to me that they might have a point. One of them went as far as to drive through Burger King so he could put a paper crown on my head when he came to pick me up for a date. (It was well deserved.)

In the past I have also been very snotty about another thing. A thing which I still believe deserves a great deal of snotty flung all over it, but I have decided it is time to come clean. And no it’s not Facebook, I’m still snotty about that.

It’s, deep breath, AMERICAN IDOL.

Ok listen. I hate American Idol. I think it’s ridiculous how it is on two nights in a row. TWO NIGHTS? Seriously. And it’s only because enough media buyers will shove millions and millions of advertising dollars at the show. I really hate how they exploit crappy singers for the sake of ratings. Because I don’t like to watch crappy singers, it makes me uncomfortable and stressed out, I just want them to accomplish their dreams! That’s all I want, not for them to get ripped a new one by Simon. Even though I don’t hate Simon for being honest.

Anyway. I successfully avoided American Idol’s siren call for years. I can’t even name an American Idol except Kelly Clarkson. (SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE!!!) When I stooped to watching the show I would just get too annoyed at how they hashed, and rehashed every little detail over and over and over. Snotty little Princess Alison just didn’t have the patience for it. Plus it’s TV. TV is for mushy heads right? (Or at least that’s what you think before you get married…)

But last year all of this changed. Eric and I were at my parent’s house for, well it must have been our wedding, ha! And my parents, my little brother, my big brother, they were all SO INTO AMERICAN IDOL! They made us watch it with them. I didn’t really want to but, I was in love, skinny, blonde, and soon to be having sex, so I guess I was in a pretty good mood, and I relinquished. I don’t know if it was the little love bug in my tummy or what, but I started getting really into the different contestants, and I became actually interested in whether they failed or succeeded.

Eric and I finished watching the rest of the season, and I, well, I even voted a couple of times. I KNOW! THE SHAME. But I wanted to put in my two cents! COOK! COOK!

This year as the new season began, well I couldn’t help it. I started watching. I didn’t want to, the snotty Alison tried to stop me, but the corporate I need to rest my brain after a day of slaving for the man and reading design blogs Alison, was just too powerful. This week I hit an all time low by watching both the Tuesday and the Wednesday night episodes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t plan on doing it again!

Anyway, it still really bothers me that they focus on the drama too much and not enough on people actually singing, and I’m not totally sold on the new judge, but those American Idol bastards did their damnedest to reel this girl in, and they’ve done it hook, line and sinker. But I do feel a lot better for getting this off my chest.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember, the next time someone offers you a tempting puff of reality television, JUST SAY NO.


  1. Ems

    I totally got hooked last year too! and after years of eye rolling no less. I can’t handle the audition part though, so I’m just getting on board now.

    and as a funny side note, my sister-in-law’s maiden name is Archuleta and she and my brother live in Murray so people asked ALL THE TIME if she was related to David Archuleta (she is not). it was hilarious and she usually answered yes.

    (also I am totally cool with being BFFs even with just that one time meeting)

  2. kimmy girl

    oh man-same boat. i never watched. never. and last season, that damn cook. he got me. he got me good. and jason-remember that classic mtv reality show cheyenne? dont worry jason was her older college boyfriend who was featured as her love interest in her music video.

    anyway, i am resisting this season until we get in the top 15. i think i can do it.

  3. +L

    you make me laugh- out loud and all.

  4. Roberston

    Cook was a poser!!! Go Archuleta!!!

  5. darcie

    we’re frenemies. i was archie all the way.

  6. Sharon

    I feel the same way. I’ve never watched a whole show. However, I must admit that I LOVE LOVE LOVE So You Think You Can Dance, and that is the SAME thing only with dancing. So I can’t claim to be any better than those to do watch every episode of AI!

  7. Jill

    I still can’t stand American Idol. I was forced to watch it the other day, and oy! The drama!! It was the group night…needless to say it didn’t help my opinion. BUT I understand being dragged into a reality tv show…that’s how I am with Big Brother. Now I LOVE that show! And it’s just as dramatic, if not more so, than American Idol!

  8. emilyhutchison

    I’ll watch anything on tv, but American Idol. If I want to watch subpar singers I want it in the form of “The Next Pussycat Doll” or “Girlicious”.I didn’t watch one episode last season and David A. and I are alumni members. If homwtown pride doesn’t get me to watch it nothing will.

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