She gives you a treat!

Valentine’s Day is my FAVORITE holiday! DUH! It’s all about LOVE LOVE LOVE. Even when I didn’t have a sweetheart I loved V-day for a good chance to eat a lot of crap, whine, and tell my girlfriends how pretty they are. There is always love to be shared people!

So if you’re a Valentine’s Day naysayer, buck up and grab yourself some See’s. We’re gonna have some fun.

To start the festivities off let’s look at some pictures of young love. My little brother and his totally adorable girlfriend (they broke up for a bit, and I’m really glad they are back together!) just went to Winter Ball. I think that’s what it was. Blake, the brother, who is 17 and the cutest brother the he world, was so excited because he got this, “sweet vintage suit!”

I just love high school dance pictures, and I thought you might too. So here is Blake and Taylor looking sooo good. Be sure to notice Blake’s hot orange cast. Oh high school!

And now for something even better. And what could be better than my little brother making that bunghole face? The fact that when my mom sent my Aunt Diane (her sister) these pictures, clucking hens that they are, my aunt sent back this picture of her and her date from 1978.

Isn’t that too good to be true!!! The tux is almost dead on! And please, please look at that wood paneling and the painting. God bless 1978.

If you weren’t excited for Valentine’s day before, I can only imagine you’re chomping at the bit now.

Why are dance pictures SO GOOD!? I think it’s because no matter how comfortable you were with your date (and I was never comfortable with my date) there is still this unbelievably thick layer of awkward around everything you are doing.

Ok. I hope you can put that in your Valentine’s day bong and toke it. And if for some reason you have access to some of your old dance pictures, please, please send them my way. I’m serious. I LOVE YOUNG LOVE, you know, before you realize the pain and horror that is to come.

And on that note, I love you all!




  1. Jordan

    I’m dying. Diane looks so cute! And so does blake OF COURSE.

  2. Samantha

    Maybe that WAS the exact same suit!

  3. Alex

    hahaha Blake. classic. and yes, God bless 1978- My mom was probably single, hitting up a disco wishing she were black.

  4. darcie

    i’m totally shamed by my high school love. i was so so serious about my boyfriend and now that i’m not married to him i feel sheepish for being so serious. totally unrelated: did you do the black angus artic circle commercial? do you do all of paige davis’ scripts? just curious if i should think of you and sigh when i see these things.

  5. Alex

    PS did you write that beard papa’s radio commercial where the girl shouts along the line of “her butt looks so good!” ?

  6. amorology

    that is sooo funny! What are the chances? Glad to see Blake is bringing it back. He’s so cute! 🙂

  7. Ben and Jen

    Hey Alison! Eric told me to look this up and your blog is so…you! That’s all I can say, I LOVE IT! I wish I could write like you, you are VERY talented.

  8. Sharon

    LOVE the pictures!

  9. courtni

    Oh STOP! Blake rules. LOVE it – all he needs are those brown stripes down the pants and it’s a clone!

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