She’s lucky she has a husband.

My husband

Does all the dishes after I leave for work because he knows when I come home for lunch it will make me happy if the dishes are done. (We don’t have a dishwasher.)

My husband

Let’s me tell him that I feel like a hippopotamus and cry, and say that I’m never eating again, and then doesn’t scold me when I eat a Twinkie…or two.

My husband

Calls the insurance company after my Jetta gets its side mirror taken off by a Smith’s semi doing a jack knife in front of our apartment complex, and then takes care of all the “shop talk” because he knows that if I have to do it I’ll get frustrated.

My husband

Answers my phone for me when I don’t feel like talking or declare that I will not speak to “Unknown numbers.”

My husband

Sends me text messages telling me that I’m pretty.

My husband

Speaks “pinch.” Meaning he knows exactly what my varying degree of discrete pinches mean when we are in public.

My husband

Knows the difference between my crying because I’m truly upset, and my crying because I’m getting my period, but never let’s on that he knows.

My husband

Makes me less insane.

I’ve been thinking about marriage a lot. I have a lot of really, really, beautiful girlfriends who would like to be married, but for this reason or that, are not. Why do I have this amazing man, and they don’t? I know I didn’t do anything right except choose wisely. And as I thought about these women, who have yet to find love, I thought about how fabulous and stable they are. How centered and well-balanced they are. And then I thought, maybe, just maybe, the Universe, or God, or whoever you like, realizes that they are OK for now without a partner. There’s not as much of a rush for these women because the Universe knows it will not be thrown off kilter if they stay single a while longer. Whereas there are certain people…who these people are I’ll leave up to you…who needed the balancing of a partner very badly. The Universe fears these people when they are single because they are totally throwing everything off. Now I’m not saying you should get married before you know who you are, or worse yet to find out who you are. But marriage has a way of keeping you centered. You are held accountable to another person at all times. And for someone like me, who loves nothing more to surrender to depression, oblivion, and overall craziness, that’s a good thing.

I paired that thought, with how wonderful my husband is for two reasons. 1. To prove how I am one of those people that the universe decided it needed to put a cap on, and 2. To say to anyone who would like to be married but isn’t–take it as a compliment that you’re not crazy and the universe trusts you on your own for now. And when the day comes to pick the someone who makes your universe even better, I hope with all my heart that he’s as great as Eric.


  1. Shannon

    I love this post. Eric is amazing and I’m so glad you guys are married!

  2. bardhi h.

    eric’s the best

  3. mgfaulkner

    This post made me cry. But then again, I’m your Mother and the source of all that unstable craziness! It was beautiful though, and we love Eric almost as much as you do. OK maybe 3/4 as much. But a lot.

  4. courtni

    you are so unbelievably healthy I’m feeling a bit immature after reading this.

  5. Alison

    meh, either that or i’ve only been married a year! haha love you!


    ok, so i’m not a blog stalker, but when i saw ‘sssister’ on andrea’s blog, i naturally thought, oh, sister missionary and clicked away. this is sister stinson by the way, from nauvoo. anyway, i couldn’t help but read your post about your husband and lets be honest, you are pretty profound…but that isn’t surprising, you are a faulkner afterall. i really enjoyed what you had to say about marriage and all that gushy stuff, i have had lots of similar thoughts, you just put em into words for me!;) hope this doesn’t freak you out…the stalker thing, but i coudln’t not leave a comment! Stiny

  7. Tiffany

    i love hearing about real people in real love being good to each other. it gives me hope. now go give that man some love sister.

  8. Holly

    I had a friend send me a link to your blog to read this post…and I love it. Thank you! And it just so happens I too am friends with Andrea and she loves you, so beyond this great post, sounds like you’re great and not only lucky to have a husband, but that the husband is lucky to have you!

  9. Debbie

    The MIL loves this one!! Of course, he is my son. What can I say. He does however, take after his old man…smooth and cute.

  10. Corca

    Eric is such a nice boy!!!

  11. The Daily Kirk

    “And to all my beautiful single friends I have just this to say: Eat it ladies! Ha ha! Check out my man! Enjoy your single-hood. Have some more ice-cream.”

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