She Hails to the Chief

So apparently today is a big day!

A day of mourning for some (my husband), but a day of celebration for most (my whole office).

For me, to be perfectly honest, it was mostly a day of having a decent and seemingly noble excuse to go home for a little bit during work. The TV in the conference room was on the fritz much to chagrin of my Obama loving bosses.

I waited around a bit and then said, “Oh, I don’t want to miss the inauguration so I’m just gonna head home…oh no I’d invite you all!! but the house is a mess…I’ll be right ba…” And then in a flash of what looked like Obama enthusiasm I was off to my blue Jetta singing Britney Spears and feeling like I had just eluded Fat Sally, the woman who used to patrol the Poway High School parking lot in a golf cart during lunch time to keep kids from leaving who did not have a pass.

However I did watch the inauguration. I’m not completely devoid of a sense of patriotism or at least a faint interest in what the new leader of the free world has to say. And I will not lie, I was moved. Plus I thought Michelle had the most fabulous gloves on! Olive leather! Does that woman have a stylist or is she JUST THAT GOOD? I’m probably more excited to see what she wears during the next four years than I am to see if Obama can get a grip on the fiscal well-being of our country. But really, I think the coolest part was to see the crowds of people spread out across The Mall. So many people.

I also loved watching Georgey Porgy hop in his chopper for his grand exit. Eric and I were hoping with all our might he’d press an “AMERICA SUX” sign up to the window, or at the very least he’d give us a white ex-presidential moon. But he refrained. But in all seriousness can you imagine what he’s thinking right now? How he is feeling? The overwhelming sense of relief, regret, pride? Moving out of his home, his job, his life, of the past 8 years. That’s huge. I asked Eric what he would do now. Eric said, “Give speeches.” I guess that’s true. It’s kind of mind boggling.

And then I tried to imagine what it will be like for Obama’s little girls to live in the White House. And I couldn’t help but keep thinking of that movie Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore. Because I can only think of serious things for so long before I have the lyrics from “Candy” stuck in my head, “You know who you are, Your love is as sweet as candy, Ill be forever yours Love always, Mandy.”

Anyway that’s way too much political talk for SheBlogs SheBlogs. But I hope that you have a good day. Tomorrow I’m excited to tell you all about my new quest for a life filled with less anxiety and the books I’m reading to help me on my path away from the craziness and more towards stability.

It’s gonna be great!

Now go out there and stuff your face with something red white and blue!!!

I’ll be forever yours, Love Always,



Please note how I was able to include two American Presidents, and two American pop princesses in ONE POST!!! Am I good? Or am I goooood?


  1. Fish Nat!on

    I’d have appreciated shout out to Martin Van Buren, but i suppose 2 will do.

  2. Liz Canaan Roberts

    speaking of mourning…

    p.s. i love you!

  3. david

    mourning what? that GWB is gone? sheesh people.

  4. Matt Clayton

    Chasing Liberty! Ahahaha

  5. Nicole

    Is it weird that all I can focus on in your political post is the Mandy Moore song? Come to me, show me who you are! Be sweet to me like sugar to my heart!

  6. mrs. everything

    her gloves were J. Crew!

  7. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Not only did you include 2 American presidents, and 2 pop princesses, you also referenced Fat Sally in your blog post. That, my dear, makes it all the more amazing. I was dying when you mentioned Fat Sally… oh the memories. =)

  8. Tami

    oh – FAT SALLY!! so funny. I stumbled on your blog via some other Poway friends – I was friends with your bro Evan. This is Tami (used to be) Cox… anyways – I HAD to comment when I read about Fat Sally. classic.

    and I completely agree about the first lady’s hotness and cute clothes. not to mention the little girls – did you see the little one’s pink coat and orange scarf/gloves?? so chic.

  9. Colby and Ginny

    Alison you are too funny..chasing liberty was so bad and so good at the same time

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