She Waits She Wonders

Yesterday I begrudgingly woke up, clumsily went for a run, and then I rushed and hungrily got ready for work. And during my hurried shower a thought suddenly came to me. I thought, “Something big is going to happen today.” And I got really really excited and a tad bit anxious.

I drove to work, over 45 minutes late, (I had to wait til it was light to go running otherwise I would have been so freezing and probably abducted by Downtown Salt Lake crazies) and the whole way there I tried to guess what this HUGE thing was going to be.

I had entered a couple of radio scripts in a contest, maybe I’d find out that I was the winner today! Or, I had spent hours and hours hand making Save the Dates for a friend’s wedding and it was looking like they were lost in the mail…maybe those would get delivered today. Maybe I’d get fired? Maybe, oh I don’t know maybe, someone would call me with some really really good news? But it just felt like it was going to be something life changing.

The morning came and went, and nothing happened. I spent some time researching how to make a moss terrarium. Maybe at a later date this will be life altering knowledge? I went back to my apartment for lunch, ate leftovers, and then watched the Food Network. Still nothing.

I slopped myself back into my cubicle and then I got a text that the Save the Dates had been delivered. And though I was really really excited, and VERY relieved, it just didn’t seem like that was supposed to be my life altering event. Even though before I thought it might be. Was I just ignoring it?

The afternoon ended, I went home from work. Went for a walk with a friend, went to dinner with Eric and my brother, had some Spoon Me. If you have ever wondered what I do in a day, well this is a extremely boring and detailed account.

Anyway, that’s it. Nothing happened. I had a nice day, and I am so glad the Save the Dates were delivered. But all day I was just positive it was going to be something HUGE. Enormous.

Was I supposed to create something huge? Was I supposed to make a life altering decision? Maybe a chain of events have been set in motion and in a week it will all become crystal clear. I don’t know. I still have some lingering anxiety.

So what do you think? Am I supposed to do something about this? Or will it be done to me? Do you have some huge news you’re keeping from me? I should probably just be happy nothing extreme is going on and leave well enough alone. But if I had the ability to do that, well then, I wouldn’t be me.

I will not apologize for this out of character post, though my natural inclinations are to do so. Rather I hope you evaluate your day, and decided what will you make happen. And I’ll do the same. And then maybe we can all partake in something huge together.


  1. Jake

    FAULKNER! You do have something huge to do. You are supposed to help me win the ‘Best Job in the World’ contest. If I win, I will throw some cash your way, and give you and the husband a vacation to visit me. Unless you decide to win the contest on your own.

  2. Chris

    your situation sounds amazingly similar to a Winnie the Pooh book i read to Kate. At the end of the book, Pooh remembers that it is his birthday and all his friends throw him a big party. Does that help?

  3. Chris

    Chris= Jenny Heyman 😉

  4. liz jones

    well since your amazing, i think that pojo needs YOU for sonme advertising, & clever ideas.. thats probably not the amazing thing that you were talking about but let me tell you alison faulkner (can i still call you that?)) pojo is going to be huge its going to make oprah and you can help me make it happen!

  5. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Hmmm… something life altering… maybe a little Faulkner/Robertson was conceived?! =) I kid, I kid, kind of.

  6. Alison


  7. Evan

    I was in town. What more can you ask for?

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