She spent a lot of time with the fam.

Hello fabulous people who honor me by reading my blog.

Greetings! Salutations! Hiya!

How I have missed you and all of your comments, love, and validation that I gain when my daily readership increases. I had a very wonderful Holiday break. As a side note* I wanted to dress Sprinkles up for Christmas. He really wanted to wear one of those shiny pink Victoria’s Secret Santa hats, but his art files are on my work computer and I forgot to transfer them. I hope you and Sprinkles can all forgive me.

I also hope you all had a very wonderful Holiday break, and that you are still having a very wonderful Holiday break. I don’t have to go back to work until the 5th, so I’m livin large in San Diego, and then heading back to Salt Lake on Tuesday so Eric can make it to the big Robertson brothers ski trip on New Year’s Day. Oh, marriage.

A lot of great things have happened since we last spoke. Lots of meaningful time spent with family, thoughtful gifts, heartwarming anecdotes, and overall Faulkner family madness. But of course, I will probably choose to share with you only the most trivial and, yes indeed, superficial experiences of my last couple weeks. But isn’t that why we are friends?

It’s funny being married and then taking your spouse home to your family for the Holidays. You see your immediate family in an entirely new light. In these past 9ish short months I’ve begun see all sorts of things about the dynamics of my family I have never seen before. Watching Eric interpret it all enables me to see how the Faulkner Family must appear to the outside world. And how does the entire clan come across? I’d say you could sum it up in one word:


Every day has a schedule. Every morning we go over the activities that will make up the day’s schedule. Each activity in the schedule has its own schedule. Even the unscheduled time is in a way, scheduled. And everybody, and this is totally implied and of course not obviously stated, is expected to participate in the schedule.

Maybe that sounds like it would drive you nuts. But for me, it’s the only way to operate. I realized that I’ve taken this Faulkner family habit, and applied it to our daily life. When I come home from work I talk with Eric about what we need to/want to get done and go over the “schedule” for the evening. Not even realizing that I am, in fact, making a schedule. When things pop up in my day that are not on the schedule I’m uncomfortable and irritated. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m an easy going girl, as long as I’ve planned ahead of time to be one.

I’ve also realized that one reason I’m so freaking loud is because it’s really the only way to get any attention in this family. Don’t have your flaming batons and juggling balls ready? Bah, move aside and watch what I can do! Good thing Eric can compete, and that he’s really good at video games and playing the piano.

I love to watch Eric see my dad do something you would never imagine my dad doing, (dancing past your door in his jammies) or see someone get their feelings hurt over something that makes no sense to anyone else but a Faulkner. Oh yes and by the way, we’re all extremely sensitive, so careful even agreeing with anything I say about the family, because should you agree in a way I don’t like, I’ll have my feelings hurt until the next time I see you and you are nice to me. You think I’m kidding.

Anyway, even though the Faulkner’s are intense, scheduled, loud and sensitive, they are mine, they are amazing, and I don’t wish we were any other way. I have a lot of Faulkner pride. I miss them while I’m up there in that Salty City.

Well, I hope you had as much quality time with your family as I did with mine. I’m excited for another year of sharing, caring, and blogging. Another year of family, another year of friends, another year of blaming birth control for tight jeans, crying during commercials and wanting Beto’s past 11pm.

A belated Merry Christmas, an early Happy New Year, and I’ll be sharing again very, very, soon.


Alison “the middle child” Faulkner


  1. Alex

    I had no idea the Faulkners were so scheduled!!!
    You guys do ‘unscheduled scheduled’ very well, because you sure fooled me!

  2. Matt and Jennae Porter

    I sure love all you crazy Faulkners. It was so great to see ALL of you! But especially you, dear Ali!

  3. tracyjax

    I guess I must love the oversensitive, loud, scheduleness because hanging out with the faulkners is a favorite pastime o’mine.

  4. big willy style

    I can’t believe you wrote a whole blog about Faulkners and didn’t mention Frankie. I won’t tell dad.

  5. JenErik

    oh wonderful family dynamics. I’m in town till the 12th of January if you want to play. love ya

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