She’s Busy Ok!

Sorry I’ve been a posting slob. I got sick last week while I was gone. It was the pits! I’m still kinda sick. Cough Cough.

But! I wanted to say I hope you have a Merry, Merry Christmas, and happy, happy holidays, and hopefully I’ll get a decent post out sometime soon.

Until then,





The Modern Bride (it’s a national magazine) that has my wedding in it is now on the newsstands! It’s on page 200 if you are in a store, and see it, and want to take a peek. As usual they didn’t pick the pictures I would have picked, but whatcha gonna’ do? It’s still a very nice article!


  1. Sarah Larsen

    For some totally strange reason I just so happened to have a copy of this month’s Modern Bride at my desk while I was reading your post! Loved it! Way to have a fabulous wedding 🙂

  2. me

    If you want to become famous, you better get more serious about blogging. What I’m saying is I need you to get more serious about blogging.

  3. Liz Canaan Roberts

    i looked up the article while at target. and i was like, “whoa! that’s Alison” and my husband was like, “is that the ‘She Blogs, She Blogs’ girl?” and i’m like “duh”. and he goes “that doesn’t look like her” and i said “well, it is”!

    (he’s just one of those people that’s in denial about your glorious famousness. but i’m not.)

    Rock On!

  4. C-Biscuit

    why isn’t sprinkles dressed up for christmas? what a letdown.

  5. Bek

    dudette, i just looked at the modern bride magazine and you looked gorgeous! love it. someday you’ll be quite the milf. kudos.

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