She’s 25, But Tenaciously Holding on to 24.

Oh! How my blogging has slipped. I think I’ve pretty much slipped everywhere.

But why! YOU SCREAM. Alison, why!?! Do you not hold yourself to as a high of standard as you use to? Or perhaps you are ill! Oh no! Maybe pirates have commandeered your blog? Or perhaps 4 jewel thieves in a heist (3 dressed as women) stole 108 million dollars worth of jewelry from you in broad daylight!

No, no dear friends. My life slippage has nothing to do with any of that. It can be blamed on two things. I have been suspiciously busy at work, #1, and #2, in the last few days I have made the ultimate “Jackrifice.”

What’s a Jackrifice? Thank you for asking. It means I have given myself whole heartedly to the one, the only, Jack Bauer.

I hold hostages in my dreams, picture gunfights while stopped at red lights. Jack Bauer and his CTU comrades have hijacked my life.

I’m not sure how such a vital piece of life history slipped past the dating/engagement phase of our relationship, but I just found out, Eric, my one and only, has not seen any seasons, hark, not even one episode of the popular hit television series 24.

I looooooove 24. And so obviously, I had to introduce two of my favorite men. Jack and Eric. Thankfully in my single days I was quite the connoisseur of men with good taste, and my friend Tom Morrill hooked us up with all five seasons on DVD. (No, you can’t borrow them, they are his parents!)

Anyway, within 48 hours of obtaining the DVD’s, we watched the entire first season. And last night at midnight, as we moaned over the tragedy that occurs while the credits rolled on the last episode of Season 1, Eric started eagerly grabbing at Season 2.

I had to put the kaibosh on it. We had already watched two discs in a row. And that’s the problem. You don’t watch an episode of 24, you watch a “disc.” A disc has 4 episodes. And like Lay’s, you can’t have just one. You watch the first episode on the disc. It abruptly ends, much like the chapters in the Goosebumps books, and so you say, “Oh I guess we can watch one more! And THEN do the laundry. Just one more.” Then the second one ends and you say, “AHH! Ok! Just the next one!” And then the third one ends you and you say, “Oh what the hell! Let’s just finish the disc.” When the disc ends, it’s no doubt past midnight. The chances of you actually going to the gym in the morning are totally shot. And you say, “Screw it all. Give me a donut and put in the next freaking disc.” And so it continues until the only thing you have to talk about is whether you think Kim Bauer or Sherry Palmer is more annoying.

Season 6 is happening right now. Which is what spurred the “Do you love 24?!” Convo with Eric. I highly suggest you get in the know, and catch yourself up.

So I apologize in advance if I do not call, text, or write you back. I’m like really, really busy watching TV.

It’s just a jackrifice we’re all going to have to make right now.

beep beep beep. doot.



  1. jenny

    jack is amazing. clever title.

  2. Krista

    Awesome! Matt and I have been watching the 24 collection too. We are in the middle of season 6! Jack Bauer is the epitome of awesomeness!

  3. Breanne King

    Oh jack…I love him. I’m ok with the jackrifice…I understand.

  4. Matt and Jennae Porter

    We had to stop watching in the middle of an episode for that exact reason. They leave you with such a cliffhanger at the end! but if you stop halfway through, you can actually get some sleep and pick it up again the next night.

  5. Alison

    oh jannae! that is such a good idea.

  6. jenny

    Love this. Every Christmas my sibs and I watch a new season. We have a rule where we “commmit to the disc” .. which means if it’s 3 am, and we decide to watch ‘one more’ we watch the whole disc.

  7. Court R.

    oh ya, who got y’all into those!! that would be me :). i still remember when your brother came over to the house the one time and you muted the tv and told him he either had to shut up or leave cause we were watching 24. i love your intensity, that is what jack would want! ha ha

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