She Gobbles She Gobbles

Gobble gobble my little lovelies! And a Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you!

I’m thinking they are going to let us out (no I’m not in school, just a cubicle) a little early today, so I’m sitting at my desk chomping at the bit! Or biting at the chomp? Either way, GET ME OUTTA HERE!

I hope that you have a great day filled with rolls, rolls, and more rolls. Because let’s face it, I can take or leave me a turkey, but I sure do love my Thanksgiving carbs.

I’ve been thinking about it, and since it is THANKSgiving and all, and I really have been given so much, I wanted to share a few things I’m thankful for:

Bumble and Bumble Hair Care products- I mean, they really are just fantastic. They smell so good, and the packaging is great. And how many of us would die without their Surf Spray?! It makes your hair feel like you’ve spent a sunny day at the beach playing in sandy waves. Who can beat that?

Ling Ling’s Potstickers from Costco- Sure they make your whole house smell for days after you prepare them, but damn are they tasty. Plus that dipping sauce they come with is so good you can lap it out of a bowl like a dog. Ling Ling you make one hell of a gyoza. Domo arigato.

Proactiv- Yes you make my face so dry, but my skin is clear and I no longer feel like a 14-year-old boy at Comic Con. Bless you Jessica Simpson.– Only you know how truly addicted I am to craft blogs. Thank you for being there for me and providing me with free patterns, great fabrics, and the chance to win an awesome book in one of your many give aways. I’ve still got my fingers crossed.

Diet Dr. Pepper- You know why.

Kneader’s- For having the best French toast I’ve ever had in my life. I love you so much and miss not being close to you. My steadily tightening jeans don’t miss you, but my tummy and I surely do.

Love Communications- Sure I bitch and moan, but really, I like my job (don’t tell anyone!) I love my coworkers, and you’re always giving me stuff like free Jazz tickets, Bees tickets, Haunted House tickets, breakfast treats every Monday morning, and a pay check. All of which, I could not live without.

Heather Balliet of Amorology- Not only do you make wedding dreams come true, you yourself are a dream, Heather. You have done it again with yet another fabulous fiesta. Here are some pictures of my sister Andrea’s beautiful wedding.

Your mom- For giving birth to you. Say hi to her for me. Thanks for reading the blog love bugs (yes, you).


gobble kiss, gobble kiss,



  1. Krista

    Ling Ling potstickers are one of matts favorites!!!

  2. Nate Housley

    Turkey on the pony’s head? You’ve lost your damn mind

  3. JenErik

    Bumble Bumble is a BLESSING! – but it is so expensive! I am thankful for you (that is an understatement).

  4. courtni

    amen for surf spray. (ps – trader joe’s potstickers cook better – never stick – and are (i think) WAY better than ling ling’s…give ’em a try over Christmas…which is really close) xo

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