She suddenly feels the urge to get fake boobs, She just went to Vegas

So maybe you’re hopping onto SheBlogs SheBlogs today thinking, “I wonder if Alison did anything interesting over the weekend? Her life must be so glamorous!” And I just wanted to assure you that yes, my life is glamorous, and yes, I did do interesting things this weekend. Like hang out with Jamie Foxx.

Ok, ok, that isn’t THAT interesting, and we didn’t REALLY hang out, because like I’ve said before, when I see celebrities I pride myself in not getting excited or starstruck. Because I figure one day I’ll be more famous than them. Obviously. But! Jamie and I WERE staying at the same fabulous hotel in…LAS VEGAS BABY! High rollers.

In general I find Las Vegas pretty depressing. However, when someone else is footing the bill for the weekend, I find Las Vegas AWESOME. Eric’s company paid for a fun little weekend for the Regional Managers and their wives. So, I took Friday off of work so I could be a wife. I like being a wife.

We stayed at the Palazzo (in the nicest room I’ve ever been in in my life!) rode go-karts, saw LOVE, ate a ridiculously expensive buffet…you know…all things Vegas. (And I hate buffets, no matter how nice they are but I’ll tell you about that another day.)

One other tiny Vegas thing we did was contribute some of our hard earned money to the state of Nevada. Which for me, is not a good idea. Again, as mentioned before, I have one of the most addictive personalities in the world. Alison + Gambling = Insanity. In the past I’ve had good luck with slot machines, so I just expect to win. But after $50 down the hole…Eric had to drag me away. JUST ONE MORE DOLLAR! I KNOW WE CAN BREAK EVEN.

And that’s the problem with gambling. With just one more dollar you COULD break even. You won’t, but you COULD! Look at all the pictures of those winners with 1,000,000 dollar checks! And you’re locked in. Then that one dollar becomes 5, and then that 5 becomes 20, and then that 20 becomes 50, and then you are rummaging through your purse with a crazed look in your eye screaming, “I know I had some more change in here somewhere!” And that’s when your husband says, “Let’s go for a walk.”

But when you go for a walk on Las Vegas Blvd. where do you think you’ll find yourself? At the $1 roulette table in Harrah’s.

Luckily Eric turned our $20 into $40. So all in all we are only in the Las Vegas crapper for $30. But I won $27 last time, so I figure Vegas and I only have a $3 rift to repair.

Anyway, I’m back, relaxed and ready to shove my face full of mashed potatoes and rolls, and ready for you to tell me how much money you’ve lost in Vegas to make me feel better.

Three day work week! Let’s give it up! Woot!

Love your guts,



  1. Jake

    I have lost thousands of dollars to Las Vegas, several hundred at a time. But more importantly, what happened in Vegas to make you want fake boobs?

  2. Alison

    have you ever been to Vegas!? It’s boob central.

  3. Liz

    Ok, I stayed at the Palazzo last year, (on my company’s dime, of course) and yes, it was in fact the nicest effing hotel room I’ve ever EVER stayed in. Oh my gosh, that bathroom was incredible. It was as big as my living room. And the huge couch? That place could’ve slept 10 people I swear.

    Vegas IS depressing.

  4. Liz Canaan Roberts

    look at the turkey people! the turkey! hah!

  5. me

    didn’t you love LOVE? I luh-luh-luh-loved it.

  6. cropstar

    on behalf of my fellow vegas citizens i’d like to thank you and all the other gamblers out there for freeing us from having to pay state income tax. i love gambling.

  7. crystal

    I made 15 dollars in vegas last time I went, which was the first time I really gambled. Sorry I can’t make you feel better, me and Vegas are pretty tight.

  8. Cindy

    My dad was a dealer and my mom was a cocktail waitress and for some lucky reason, I never got the gambling urge. I DO want fake boobs though!

  9. Tim and Sara

    All I have to say is…sinners! 🙂

  10. jenny

    Awww I wanted to see LOVE so bad. I saw Le Reve which was uber trippy but still good. I L-U-V your blog btw

  11. Sharon

    When Gary and I go, we each start with an amount, like $10 (high rollers I know) and we have a contest to see who can make our money last the longest! Sorry to say he wins every time!

  12. Nate Housley

    um, how about NOT GAMBLING

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