She Celebrates, She Sews

Sew anyway…

Sprinkles INSISTED on celebrating early, even though I told him my birthday is not until the 10th! He is so pushy sometimes, but I guess ponies just are like that.

But in Sprinkles defense, I think I insisted on celebrating a little early this year too. He’s just following my lead. I’ll be turning the big 2-5 on November 10th, and I’m pretty excited about it. Faulkners are BIG on birthdays.

Some people just aren’t birthday people. They say, “It’s no big deal. I don’t want a lot of attention.” And that’s fine, I respect that. But those types of thoughts do not exist in a Faulkner brain. EVERYTHING is a big deal, and in a family with as many “personalities” as mine, we have been taught, nay TRAINED since DAY 1 that if you want attention, you’re gonna have to fight for it. Therefore, birthdays are totally a HUGE deal, and of course, yes please, I’d love the attention.

However, just because I wait most of the year for November 10th to roll around, it doesn’t mean I sit on my laurels and expect everyone else to make my birthday awesome. No. Not at all. If this girl wants something she takes care of it. If I want a party, I throw a party. If I want to go out to dinner, I plan a dinner. I’ve never understood the people who let their birthday roll by, and sulk, and feel bad, because nobody remembered.

Newsflash! People are busy! If you want them to remember your birthday you have to start reminding them that it’s coming up about two weeks to a month in advance. You can slip it in slyly…

“Oh that meeting is just three days after my BIRTHDAY ON NOVEMBER 10th.”

Or you can be more direct.

Friend: Hey Alison what’s new?

ME: Oh, you know, not much. Just getting excited for my birthday on November 10th.

See, it’s really easy.

And there is totally no shame in it. I always appreciate when people remind me of their b-day. It’s not like you are asking for a present when you remind them. You are just giving them a heads up.

So, this year for my birthday that is a week away…I’ve already received a new bed frame (I convinced Eric to buy one in September) and a sewing machine! I got a vintage Bernina on Ebay and it arrived on Friday!

Pretty much it’s ALREADY the best birthday ever. I told Eric that I want to go to dinner on my actual day. And I don’t think I’ll do a party this year. I had a big one last year. See, it’s all taken care of! There is no way I will be disappointed.

Anyway. I loooove birthdays and I know there are a lot of November ones. So give me a holla if yours is coming up. Like my dad always says, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

Here are some pictures of my amazing new sewing machine. (My mother-in-law is elated). And here is an adorable and completely useless little hedgehog I made on machine. His name is hedgie. I got the free tutorial here! I don’t REALLY know how to sew, but I’m excited to learn.

Here he is close up. I’m gonna give him to a friend as a baby gift. He also has a little pocket on his back for treasures.

I used to try to hide the fact that I adore making completely useless things. But now I justify it with my “spreading love” excuse. I mean, if I give away useless things then that’s ok right? Maybe you’ll get one for YOUR birthday! I need the practice!

Anyway! Have a wonderful week. I love you.

And don’t forget to get your party hats ready.

With love,


p.s. count how many times I managed to slip in when my b-day is…that’s right, I’m in advertising.


  1. naomi

    Andy recently sewed a little cube for our cat. It’s made of fleecy dinosaur remnants of a sleepy suit I tried to make with feeties! We also like sewing pointless things.

  2. Jake and Jenna

    my birthday is november 22. we are basically a year apart, since i will be the big 2-4. i love hedgie. and i love you.

  3. darcie

    a bernina? ugh i’m so jealous. but i suppose you deserve it being a quarter of a century and all.

  4. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Kudos for me for actually remembering that your birthday was coming up. But it’s easy, I always remembered that your birthday was about a week before MY BIRTHDAY ON NOVEMBER 18TH. Was that good? =) I love your new sewing machine! Have a great birthday. Love you Alison!

  5. Lauren Dyer

    Yay for birthdays! And for sewing!

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