She Tricks, She Treats

In honor of Halloween I give you tricks and treats.

Cause that’s just the kid of girl I am.


my Halloween costume.


the new almost pornographic Britney Spears video!

Which I think should also count as a trick…so I’ll give you another…


This is me on Tuesday. I have a bag of frozen corn on my head. Why? Because a Pyrx 9×14 dish dropped four feet from the top shelf and hit me directly on the crown of my head. It took me to the floor. LUCKILY the dish didn’t land on the Pizza I was making (yes from SCRATCH) for dinner. Count your blessings. Eric titled the picture “Cornhead.” Isn’t he clever?


At first you’ll think this is a treat. After about an hour, you’ll know why it’s a dirty nasty addictive trick.

and one final


Why don’t skeletons ever go out on the town?

Because they have noBODY to go out with.


Ok! Don’t scare yourself too badly!


Happy Halloween!




  1. crystal

    Last post you were in love with yourself, this post I am in love with you. I’m sorry for your cornhead catastrophe, but I actually started laughing out loud when I pictured what happened… very funny. “Save the pizza!”

    B’s new video is scandalous, plus I hate her, but is it awful for me to say that I might have to find a clearer video online so I can get a better look at what’s going on???

    At first I thought I could just pop a few bubbles on the bubble wrap, and then my OCD kicked in, I hit manic mode and couldn’t quit until the whole page was complete, don’t worry, I didn’t get a new sheet.

  2. JenErik

    I wouldn’t say you are a corn head, more of a candy-corn. SO SWEET! Happy Halloween love you

  3. fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR

    happy halloween! and how i wish to have that halloween costume for my little one. he is a farting machine- and never at an appropriate time. he makes it worse by farting and then saying “poop” very, VERY loudly. kids…
    sorry about your cornhead! but way to save dinner!

  4. Patricia

    that bubble wrap…i love the manac mode. i don’t think this is going to help me study tomorrow.

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