She Blags She Blags


I know it’s Monday.

And maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you, but to me, it means that it’s the day the most people (usually) read my blog according to my bible (google analytics).

I wanted to entertain, I wanted to delight. But, I was boring myself with the post I was writing…so I figured I wouldn’t bother you with it.

But I will bother you with THIS!!!!

My latest column in the most recent edition of Square Magazine. It’s the “Snowed In” issue. Do you think I should tell them to change my avatar’s hair color???

I really do look like that when driving.

Have a happy dappy, butt slappy Monday.




  1. Matt Clayton

    I was waiting for hair color to come up. What should we plan for for the next issue? 🙂

  2. Cindy

    It’s true! Most people read my blog on Mondays too. I’m gonna go post something right now. I’m so behind. My apartment smells like butt soup.

  3. kimmy girl

    so i was at the riverwoods shopping with my mom and niece today (yes…you can do that when you live in ut!!) and i saw the latest issue of square mag by the register. i got it, i read it, i loved it. thank you for making square mag that much better. i think i want to work for them. do you think that i could work for them. ive got skills.


  4. Alison

    matt meet kimmy, kimmy matt. you two are meant for each other! and i’ll send you a lock of my hair matt…

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