She’s a fan of PDA

So! My pretty, pretty, little sister Andrea got married to Brian Williams on October 11th. It was a slammin wedding. Why you ask!? Well, one fun thing they did was a photo station instead of a traditional guest book. All of the guests were ushered to the photo station when they entered the wedding. It was a Spanish themed wedding, so guests had some fans to play around with in the pictures to add some flair. OLE! So while I’m waiting on some more detail shots from this guy The guest book shots have been holding me over.

As I was discussing these pictures with a friend, he noted that he felt uncomfortable with this particular picture.

He felt like there was “too much detail” in the kiss. I quote:

“I don’t like that moment, frozen in time, when you can see exactly how their lips are maneuvering around each other.” (Don’t you love that you can pull up old convos in your g-chat??!!! I DO!)

And even though this picture is of my little sister, my own flesh and blood. I have NO, and I mean NO problem with it whatsoever. And, you’ll know if you have ever been around me and my husband, I have NO and I mean NO problem with PDA. NONE. In fact, I think it’s awesome.

So, I throw it out, (Sorry Andrea and Brian) to the world wide web…how do you feel about it?

And if that doesn’t interest you…maybe these pictures will!

Here are the bride and groom acting like robots.

And here is my extremely hunky older brother Evan. Ladies! HE’S SINGLE!!! Email me if you want me to set you up. (You’re welcome Evan.)

Here are some sexy sexy bridesmaids acting coy. And I do mean acting.

And here is the cake. Aren’t those guys champs?

Oh, and I don’t know who this Maid of Honor is???

Anyway. If you were a guest at the wedding you can find your photo here. The password is 101108. There are lots of great shots so be sure to find yours. Or there are some more great shots on Amorology.

And like I said. I love PDA. But that’s probably because I just love LOVE so much. So be sure to share your feelings if you have any on the subject of French kissing in the U.S.A.

Love your guts,


p.s. Did you notice Sprinkles’ witch hat!!!? He begged to be dressed up for Halloween so I finally said, “Oh Sprinkles, you know I can’t say neigh to you.”


  1. samsam


    hair looks great. that picture is adorable. i miss you. i miss living with you. i miss eric.


  2. caitlin


    faulkners know how to put on a wedding.


  3. fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR

    you guys come up with the funnest wedding ideas. i want to do mine over! and i’m not at all bothered with the PDA- it’s sweet, especially between newlyweds!

  4. Mark and Meghan

    such a cute idea to have a photos instead of a guest book. they’ll have so much fun looking through those later in life…i LOVE evan…he’s a stud! get him married already! 🙂 and i’m fine with andrea’s first picture…it’s beautiful and she looks beautiful. i’m not a huge pda fan, but that picture is awesome!

  5. big willy style

    brian will hate this poll because the picture is of him kissing and he isnt such a fan of PDA. it is just natural to get in front of a camera and think “ohh what should i do??” naturally you grab the person next to you and plant your lips on them. it is just more comfortable than anything else. especially after a long day of smiling.

  6. wirthy to blog

    i can’t get over how cute these pictures are. who planned the wedding? i’m so so impressed. btw i love your new hair color – great choice.

  7. Steph

    I don’t know you- my friend recommended this blog to me and I love it. you’re so funny! Keep writing- the world needs more wit and less talk about the recession (geez!)

    Oh, and your brother IS a hunk. Dang.

  8. The Black Widow

    I am blog stalking you… I found your blog through a friend and I have 3 comments… love the picture, it is sweet. The wedding is beautiful and totally unique. Lastly, that is one hunky brother.

  9. crystal

    who is that sexy little maid of honor!? Oh it’s you… I hope Eric was PDA-ing you all night long. I’m so glad you went brown, it really sets you apart from all the other blond bridesmaids, which is most fitting since you WERE the MOH. Let’s be honest, it really was YOUR night…

    Love the PDA picture, i think it’s all the better because you GET to see the maneuvering lips. Hooray for mormon newlyweds who finally get some real action!

  10. Alison

    Ladies WELCOME! He’s all yours for the taking!

  11. Jenny

    I have no problem with the PDA.

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