She Leads She Leads

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new “follower” function from blogger. LOVE IT. I’m not “following” any blogs, I’m not totally savvy with what it means and all that google reader hoopla, but I love it all the same.

Apparently when you “follow” a blog you are showing your support and when I (or whoever you follow) updates it will show up in your google reader.

So, even though I’m not 100% sure what all that means, I am 100% sure that I adore having followers…I mean, who doesn’t?

Who doesn’t love that cult-leader-like rush when you see someone has become your devoted follower? Who doesn’t feel like they could suddenly part the red sea or turn water into Diet Coke when another follower has joined the fold?

Obviously a genius decided to call the function “following” because it is the best possible thing you could choose to call it. It connotes unruly power and total subservience. I automatically picture my followers in 1950’s dresses and aprons pulling my pot roast out of the oven after a grueling day on the job. Give me my dinner woman! A visual which is made even better when you know who my followers are…

My first follower was Chris Almond. Now, I know he follows many many blogs, but regardless, I was still very flattered to see that he would publicly call himself a follower of SheBlogs SheBlogs. Bless you Almond! And my second follower is Mr. Tone Loke Stroke himself. I mean, I can’t believe that after being subjected to my dance skills he would follow, me, ME!!! It’s too good to be true.

I’d tell you about the other followers, but I only have two. But! Two is better than none! As an aside you can “follow” anonymously should you wish to escape public prodding.

So, I promise, and hereby declare that if you decide to follow me, ME! (Meaning sheblogs sheblogs) I will not abuse you or use my God-like powers for evil. No, no, I’d never do that. Instead I will coddle you and treasure you. And I will do my utmost to not envision you bringing me my brandy while I watch the news, then slap you on the tush as a “thanks.” Unless of course, you want me to.

So have a great weekend, and bless you my followers. May the light of love shineth upon your heads forever and ever, amen.

As for the rest of you, oh I still love you, how can I not? I hope you have lots of spooky activities planned for this weekend. I, for one, will be at THE MOUNTAIN GOATS show!


SheLeads SheLeads


  1. 007

    To blog is to share…to be followed is to live.

  2. Alison

    I have three followers now!!!

  3. chris almond

    it is awesome i got props in your blog!

  4. kimmy girl

    i follow. i follow in my heart. but i want to follow online too. but how ali? how do i become a follower of all things ali?? steps. i need steps.

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