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For Halloween fun…

The Mabey Pumpkin Patch!

10090 So 1000 W., South Jordan. Phone: 801-254-1261. Open: Monday To Saturday, 9:00am to 8:30pm

First, we, meaning my sweet husband Eric and I, went to Gardner Village. We were sure there would be pumpkins there! BUT, even though there were holiday festivities, decorations and hayrides galore, there were no pumpkins for sale! ZERO. I was BUMMED!

EERRRRIIIICCCCC!!!! Where are the PUMPY-KINS!!!????? (stomp stomp stomp)

Worried I would turn into a six-year-old (even more) and throw a (worse) temper tantrum, Eric quickly found a pumpkin patch using the GPS on his phone. GOD BLESS YOU STEVE JOBS. But first I made Eric pose with all of the Witches at Gardner Village.

He loves me. Then we got a free sample of fudge in their adorable old-time candy store. They have this pumpkin cheesecake fudge that will BLOW YOUR HALLOWEEN MIND.

Eric knew he only had a half an hour or so before my happiness from the fudge wore off, so he quickly put me in the car and took me to the Mabey Pumpkin Patch.

IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! Yes, it was freezing and I was not dressed appropriately. I mean, I was wearing leather ballet flats, HELLO, pumpkins grow in the dirt! But! It was so fun nonetheless. A very nice family greeted us and told us we could take a “Pumpkin Barrow” out in the fields. This obviously thrilled me.

I think they were a tad overwhelmed by my enthusiasm, seeing as how I was giddier than a kindergartner jacked up on Fun Dip. But they were polite all the same. I ran though the field screaming,

“No I want the green pumpkins! The green ones!!”

And Eric slowly wheeled the Pumpkin Barrow behind me while I took as much time choosing pumpkins as I did our living room couch.

In the end we got nine wonderful pumpkins. And they were only $16!! Talk about a steal. I got two green ones, one white one, two tiny stripped ones, one tiny white one, one HUGE orange one (that’s Eric’s) a little orange one, and a squatty Cinderella pumpkin that’s almost red. I LOVE IT. Here’s how I felt in the field.

Anyway. I really think a pumpkin patch is the way to go for all your pumpkin needs. Don’t cop out and just get the Albertson’s pumpkin. Plus, the lady assured me the pumpkins would last until Thanksgiving. I mean that’s value!

So, I hope you can make it out for some Halloween fun soon. If I make a lovely table scape with my pumpkins I’ll post it…and then I’ll head over the Arctic Circle for my senior citizen discount right after I watch my favorite episode of Matlock.

Til then…Would you look at those mountains!





  1. Patricia

    ballet flats or no, sometimes you just gotta wade into the dirt for what you love. that’s what i have learned in life.

  2. meg

    your comments made me so happy! and it takes a lot to make me happy! just kidding, it actually doesn’t take a lot, but it sounded good.

    i love that you went to a pumpkin patch. i LOVE pumpkin patches so so so so much. my mom and i are going to one in TWO days. it is the reason i wake up in the morning (when i’m not waking up to go to the very lame gym).

  3. rachel marie

    i looooove pumpkin patches!! i absolutely refuse to buy my pumpkin from a grocery store or parking lot pumpkin patch, even if they put hay barrels and squashes and gourds of every shape and size in it its still a parking lot and not my idea of pumpkin picking fun.

    i always drive out to this super spiffy farm in Ramona that has a corn maze, petting zoo, a three legged doggie that likes to follow you around while you peruse the patch, something called a corn cannon and of course lots of pumpkins. it’s a bit of a drive but in my pumpkin picking loving opinion well worth it!

  4. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Pumpkin patches are the best. And so is your husband, by the way. I love when you post stuff about all the nice things Eric does for you. You found a winner!

  5. Aarean Jergensen

    Hey’s Aarean..I love your blog, I love to read it at work and laugh…i just started one with josh and i its, but I figured since I have yours on my list I thought I’d let ya know who is stalking you! haha p.s. i love the pumpkin pics!

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