She’s a SUPERSTAR reason #2

As part of my ongoing list of reasons why I, Alison Faulkner, should be a superstar I will share the following anecdote. Not to be confused with an antidote.

On Friday Eric and I were at Barnes and Noble. I was running all over the store looking for this book, and I saw none other than the star player for Real Salt Lake himself…Kyle Beckerman.

Now, I have never recognized a professional sports player in my life. However, I have done a lot of work for Real Salt Lake so I know who this kid is. Plus he had some pretty sexy pictures in the last issue of Square Magazine.

Anyway, I was bouncing about the store, more concerned with finding my book than elite soccer players, and I saw an adorable 10-year-old boy in a Real Salt Lake jersey.

Did I smile at the cute child and leave him be? Of course not. Naturally I grabbed him by the arm and said, “Do you know who Kyle Beckerman is?”

He looked at me like I was a kidnapper and then cautiously said, “Yes, the soccer player?” Like maybe this was the magic answer and I would leave him alone if he got it right.

And then I said, “Guess what, he is in the store right now!”

Then he got really excited and said, “Where!? Where!?” We searched the store together until we found Kyle at the checkout counter buying a Bob Marley book. The cute little boy waited by the door, and when Kyle left he said, “Hi Kyle.” And then Kyle was really really nice to him and struck up a conversation with him and thanked him for coming to the games and being a fan.

I looked on like a proud parent, happily smiling in the background. Kyle left, and then the little boy thanked me for pointing Kyle out to him. It was through and through, a feel good moment.

So why does this story prove I would be a good superstar? Is it because I’m nice to children? No, that’s not required of stars. Is it because I recognize professional athletes? No, I’m pretty sure Paris Hilton would have jut walked on by Kyle Beckerman. No, I’ll give you the real reason, and it’s…

Why Alison Faulkner should be a SUPERSTAR Reason #2:

I have no problem talking to strangers.

In fact, I’d dare say I’m downright friendly. So when people wanted to come up and ask me for an autograph I would be SO nice about it and chat away. In fact I love striking up conversations with randoms in the grocery store line, movie ticket line, Maverik line, or any other line in Salt Lake County. I’d never be short of small talk for all my adoring fans.

Stay tuned as I continue to prove to the world why I would be a good Superstar. Or if you have any qualifications you’re not sure I meet, throw ’em at me. I DARE YOU.




  1. Alison

    Is this the commenting of a SUPERSTAR!

  2. caitlin

    this made me smile real big. i am going to have a good day today. i think you should be a superstar because we need superstars that make people smile and feel good about life. miley cyrus used to be that, but then she went and took pictures of herself in a bikini.

  3. tara

    that’s so weird he was buying a bob marley book.

  4. Alison

    aye tara, have you not seen his dreads man?

  5. Bridget

    Alison, you ARE a flurpin superstar… Look at that hair! Now that I’ve stumbled upon your notsosecret lair, I’ll have to sneak visits more frequently while my boss is out of the room.


  6. darcie

    as a child that idolized mia hamm, that tale of boldly talking to little strangers truly warmed my heart.

  7. The Beastmaster's Beauty

    the question becomes how do I date a superstar like kyle beckerman? good night that man is attractive.

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