She’s a SUPERSTAR reason #1

This weekend was my R.C. Willey weekend.

We had a whole ‘nother slew of Paige Davis shoots, and we shot oh, say 60ish little commercial type things (5,10,15 second spots in the SLC stores) that will air over the next six months. Yes, this little copy monkey has been busy.

So whether you like it or not, (sorry Kim) you are about to get another BIG helping of Paige if you live in the Greater Salt Lake, Vegas or Idaho markets. (But I think my spots are mostly AWESOME.)

Paige Davis, the spokesperson for R.C. Willey, is so nice and so sweet, and is a doll to work with. We actually, have a lot in common. This is why it’s easy for me to write her lines. We speak pretty much the same. Also, we are both bubbly, over the top, and have too great an appreciation for all things…PUNNY.

And you know what, she gets paid WAY more than I do to be all of these things. Sure, she can sing, sure she can dance, and act…and is a Broadway star. But I mean, she is the host of a TV show and the spokesperson for a couple of big brands (and I know how much we pay)…JUST FOR BEING HERSELF.

Which brings me to the REAL point of this post…WHY AM I NOT A SUPERSTAR??? WHY AM I NOT GETTING PAID TO BE MYSELF! I want to be a superstar. And, I have the confidence, after almost 25 years, to say, “I totally should be one.” I don’t feel conceded, this is simply what I want. Sue me.

The only problem is I don’t particularly have a specific talent. I did a pretty good job in my 8th grade acting class. And even though I wasn’t cast in the play I tried out for my senior year, I still maintain it was because Christina Brittan was the student director and I MISTAKENLY tried out for the part she wanted. I never stood a chance. Tramp.

Anyway. My confidence, for a number of reasons, has been lower than usual, and so, I’ve decided to really put “The Secret” into practice, and “know that what I want is really mine the moment I ask it.”

And what I want, damn it, is to be a star. So! I have decided to post an indeterminate number of reasons as to why I should be a SUPERSTAR, or why I would be a good superstar…everyday starting TODAY! (I know, aren’t you glad you checked the blog today)


I never, ever mind having my picture taken.

I don’t get mad when people pull out a camera, and I’m really creative with my poses. I’m not saying I’m a model, I’m just not camera shy. Plus I had braces for five years so my top teeth are straight. My bottom teeth are crooked, but that’s cause I don’t wear my retainers. But you can’t see them in pictures so that doesn’t really matter. Also I don’t ever get mad if I look stupid in a picture.

See below as evidence to my crooked bottom teeth and the aforementioned no shame quality.

Stay tuned for reason #2.





    i think your bottom teeth are cute that way.

  2. JenErik

    of course you should be a superstar – I’m not going to argue with you on that point 🙂

  3. Alex

    You made paige davis.
    you’re like cacee cobb to jessica simpson.

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