She Makes New Friends, But She’ll Keep the Old

If you are wondering why my blog has gotten sparse and possibly lame, well, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve found some new friends.

I’m not saying I don’t need or want you anymore, I’m just saying that these new friends are pretty cool, and they fulfill needs I never even knew I had. I mean, maybe if you were in my apartment you to could fulfill needs I never even knew I had. You are at a sore disadvantage.

They are lively and creative. Sassy and pleasant. And they do exactly what I want them to do and sit exactly where I want them to sit. I doubt you can compete with such blind obedience. But if you are up for it, I would never deny you the chance.

Anyway before you get too jealous I’ll introduce you. For a small fee they can be your new friends as well, but if you are looking into going all professional with your blog, beware. They suck it out of you.

Without further ado I give you…T-Rex, Raccoon, and Hedgehog. Goose is camera shy and I can’t find him at the moment.

So what if I had to buy my friends? They were reasonably priced and they make me happy. They also each arrive with a sassy little back story. Such as…

“Scary? No. Friendly? Most definitely. This T-Rex would much rather show you his world record collection of embroidered western shirts than eat you for lunch. If you are ever in Arizona, make sure to check out the small western wear museum he runs out of his Airstream trailer.”

Anyway, if you would like to purchase some friends you totally should. I got mine from Berkley Illustration. Eric and I have been pretty excited about them.

I hope you have a great day and that you can find friends as great as mine.


  1. Topher Lee

    I met this guy in Brooklyn at a craft fair and bought his great white shark head

  2. rachel marie

    Hello my darling! I like your new friends, they are so cute! I hope you don’t mind but I added a link to your webby site on my blog because I think you are lovely!


    miss marie

  3. Sarah Larsen

    These are so amazing! I am buying one for my friend’s baby shower right now!!

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