She’s Going into the Mountains with the Goats!

The Mountain Goats are coming!

The Mountain Goats are coming!

The Mountain Goats are coming!

Forget everything I ever said about being blogged out! I lied.

The Gods have blessed us all. I’m so excited.

Usually I try not to talk about too specific of tastes when it comes to art and such…ok maybe I do…but I don’t want to alienate you, or for you to be like, “Oh look at Alison trying to push her crazy ways all up in my biznazz and act like she likes the coolest bands and watches the hippest movies.”

Even though, I totally do. And don’t you forget it. (In fact I’m gonna start pushing them on you more.)

But! The Mountain Goats, are my favorite, FAVORITE band, and I have never EVER seen them play. Usually when they go on tour it’s all European or east coast, or when they do come around my parts, I’m in another country trying to find myself or get over some dramatic breakup.

But no more! I’m here, and they’re here, and we will all be here together on October 18th, In the Venue. And I will try really hard not to cry or attack John Darnielle and tell him how much I love him and what a sexy/dorky genius he is. I will remember that I have a husband, whom I love very much, and that it is NOT OK to offer myself to rock gods…even if they have changed my life with their poetic lyrics.

I will stay composed, just like I did when I was 14 and I saw N*SYNC and I was so in love with Justin that I wasn’t sure if my heart would ever love again, BUT STILL I did not cry and moan like the other girls. Because I knew that if Justin was going to fall in love with me it would be because I was mature and pulled together.

And it’s this same cool, calm collectedness that I will use to woo the Mountain Goats into an intimate conversation with me, so I can tell them all their music has done for me over the years. AGAIN, with my sweet supportive husband somewhere in the very near background.

Anyway I’m pretty excited. My sister gets married the weekend before. Thankfully! Otherwise it would have been a tough choice.

I kid I kid.

If you want to get in on this action…you can buy tix here.

And if you are like, who are the Mountain Goats, then you can listen to a sing a long version of my favorite song here.

I love you all so much.

I will never leave you.

Unless of course, they pay me a million dollars to write some other blog.




  1. Jodi

    Hi, I don’t remember how I linked to your blog but it sure is great!

    I too remained calm and mature at the N*SYNC concert so that I could stand apart from the screamers. Ah… Justin. That was my first concert ever.

  2. Kristin

    Phew. I was really worried after your last post and was coming here ready to write a long drawn out NOOOOOooooooo…. and beg you not to stop sheblogging because your blog is one of my favorite reads. And also because the week that I start blogging like three friends wrote that they’re calling it quits and blogging is the worst. And that is not what new bloggers need! And you’re my inspiration! So, I’m glad the Mountain Goats breathed some life into your fingers. God bless them.

  3. I Hate My Fucking Life

    I simply love the mountain goats. Take it from first hand experience, it would be better to be in another country rather than see the mountain goats fright after a breakup…because you just end up attempting to hold back tears. But then again they are simply fantastic. I’m so stoked they are playing two nights in SF, although I might just go the first night, but either way I’m stoked to see them again. Love this band.

    So have they passed the Weakerthans and Jason Mraz in your favorite list?

  4. Patricia

    so jealous! you have all the luck. first eric, then the mountain goats. i gotta get me some salt lake.

  5. Kimberly Ngarupe

    i guess loathe is a little strong. i guess she’s okay, as long as she’s not as peppy in real life!

  6. mrs. everything

    No Children is MY favorite Mountain Goats song too!!! Dang girl. I miss UT sometimes.

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