She Stabs the Hill in the Face


So, last night we had a farewell dinner for our neighbors and dear friends the Christophersons. I made a vat of pasta. It was really good, but I totally overestimated the gluttony factor of our group. It kind of reminded me of Strega Nona, which if you weren’t read to as a child, is a storybook about an old lady who has a magic pot that makes pasta. And Big Anthony, town dunce, sneaks in and can get the pot to produce pasta, but he doesn’t know how to stop it! He floods the town with pasta, then as a punishment, he has to eat it all. Last night, I was Big Anthony. Please come eat my pasta, I can’t see my floor.

Anyway, the Extra Terrestrial 1/2 marathon was AWESOME. It was so much fun and I wasn’t even abducted by aliens. Running in the desert at midnight was a surreal experience. It was a full moon and the perfect temperature. I really really recommend this 1/2 or full marathon if you can get your little body to Rachel Nevada next year. It’s about a 6 hour drive from SLC. Yes, there was a six mile hill, but I just took it nice and slow, and pretended I had daggers on the bottom of my sneakers and that with every step I was stabbing the hell out of the hill. It make the experience a lot more fun, as well as violent.

It wasn’t my fastest half marathon, but it was by far the coolest. We finished at the Lil’Ale’Inn, and had a pancake breakfast, and if there’s one thing I like more than pasta, it’s pancakes. Which is why I fail so miserably at Southbeach.

And so, in one post, ladies and gentlemen, I have seamlessly woven a tapestry of carbohydrates, pasta to pancakes, and still informed you of two slightly noteworthy events. Is she talented? You betcha.


  1. Patricia

    it think imaging knives in various parts of my body will work for a variety of situations. thanks for the tip.

  2. Liz

    You want another amazing night run through the desert? Try the Relay del Sol in Phoenix. (Think Hood to Coast, but in the desert). It’s a team relay, so you’d need to convince 11 other crazies to do it, too.

    I ran it a couple years ago and it was a blast and so beautiful. A surreal experience. Next on my list… the ET 1/2 marathon!


  3. Katie

    That was one of my FAVORITE books growing up.

  4. Chelsea and Brandon

    Hey Ali! I’m so excited I found the green connection on the blog circuit! We missed you at the reunion, it was one good time after another! Hope you are enjoying married life! xoxo

  5. John

    pretending you have daggers in your shoes and stabbing the road? that’s a new one! i usually just do the “every step i take gets me closer to the finish line” thing, but whatever! sounds like an interesting race.

  6. Whitney

    Mmm, that pasta was good. The leftovers were my “last day lunch” in Salt Lake. I’d like some right now in fact, it’s only 8am, but I’m pretty hungry. Thanks for the best going away party I’ve ever attended. Take a walk to 7-11 for me.

  7. I came, I read this article, I corqeenud.

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