She Needs She Needs

What is it with me and posting at like 5 pm when it does no good for anyone!?

Anyway, I need a book. I usually have like 5 I want to read, but right now, I’m not sure what to jump to next.

Sorry, I don’t do the vampires, sorry, sorry, I know they blow your mind. I love non-fiction, and magical realism, and well, almost anything else. Do any of you, if there are any of you out there, have a book that you are like OMG YOU HAVE TO READ?

I hate to ask you for things, but I do love you all.

In other BIG NEWS Andrea, my sister and Eric, my husband, have BOTH been posting. But I’ve been super busy at work, sigh, so I’m working on it. Don’t give up. I’ll be funny again (if you ever though that) I swear.




  1. courtni

    oh you're no fun. they're not that bad. i read them all and think you'd like them because i too don't like vampires 🙂 🙂 xoxoxox

    other than that…i've got birds of a feather, jane eyre, i <3 female orgasm, and the six wives of henry VIII and i'm not all that excited about any of them…though they're interesting…the dr. seuss lately has been more satisfying!!!

  2. lindsay lark

    Do yourself a favor and read “Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence” by Paul Fieg. It’s just a compilation of short stories and I’ve read it 14 times and laughed out loud every time. He’s the guy who wrote Freaks and Geeks back in the day- I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  3. crystal

    first of all, I have to tell you that I just read your bumbley jumbley post and was laughing me head off. Could you get any more hilarious! What a lucky bride to have such a great story from her wedding day. I’m sure she was flattered…

    On to books. I read this when I was 17 and I’ve always liked it: The Perks of Being A Wallflower. It’s not very long and it’s got a quirky little story that I think you’ll enjoy.

    Another good read: The History of Love

    And if you’re in the mood for a classic (if you haven’t already read it): Roots- by far, my favorite book of all time.

  4. shelly

    If you’re in the mood for some easy but fun reading, I adore Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter. Even though I encouraged my own adolescents to read it, I would recommend it to anyone! About a little Cherokee boy who is raised by his grandparents. Very wise book:)

  5. jenny

    I don’t have a recommendation, but I swore on everything I could that I would never read those damned vampire books. I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

  6. AOBrien

    I love blindness by jose saramago… house of leaves is really interesting too. Also if you like non-fiction have you read anything by Bill Bryson?? He pretty much the funniest/ best non-fiction writer ever.

  7. Jake and Jenna

    ok. you must know that i am obsessed with reading, and if i could spend my days reading book after book, i would. that’s my plan for when i retire from busy life one day. here it goes:

    -bridget jones diary: the age of reason, by helen fielding (read the whole series…it made me laugh out loud, some profanities, but that makes it funnier)
    -the nanny diaries, by Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus (hilarious)
    -confessions of a shopaholic, by sophie kinsella (very hilarious)
    -the glass castle, by jeanette walls (love it)
    -star girl, by jerry spinelli (this book changed my life)
    -dear star girl, by jerry spinelli (sequel, also changed my life)
    -the alchemist, by Paulo Coelho (a must…quick read for sure)
    -the witch of portebello, by Paulo Coelho
    -the girl with the pearl earring, by Tracy Chevalier
    -vienna prelude, by Bodie Thoene (about the holocaust, literally couldn’t put it down)
    -prague counterpoint, by Bodie Thoene (sequel to vienna prelude)
    -to kill a mockingbird, by harper lee
    -in the time of butterflies, by julie alverez
    -the road, by cormat mccarthy
    -the things they carried, by tim o’brien (about vietnam, really loved it)

  8. Chelsea

    If you’re in for a shallow, easy “beach read” go for Something Borrowed and Something Blue, by Emily Giffin.
    Also, I love ALL of the Jodi Picoult Books. I think I have read 10 of them. Love.

  9. Esprout

    okay, blog-hopping…so great. Found your blog through Heather’s blog (the Coterie), and…awesome. Thanks for being real, for having a coordinated dance at your wedding and impressing me when it was all I could do to train my handsome to-be to simply not do the junior high in-a-circle slow dance. Thanks for having a tea-length dress, cause aren’t they awesome? I could move so much easier than with any long thing I could’ve chosen. Thanks for unabashedly writing funny, hilarious things that I’m sure you didn’t practice, and lastly, for being a fellow writer. Ha! Love it, and I’ll be returning (if I remember, from Heather’s blog). Don’t you love how you can make pretend friends in a pretend, virtual world just by finding their blog and being entertained by it? Lovely. *That* is love.

  10. Katie

    Oooh, I was going to suggest Bill Bryson. Walk in the Woods was great, and I’m really loving Thunderbolt Kid.

  11. cropstar

    The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    It’s intense! Suspense, mystery, courtship, etc. Loved it!

  12. Tamara Jackson

    Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safron-Foer. He also wrote Everything is Illuminated, which is equally amazing, however I feel you’ll like the protagonist in Extremely Loud the most-est-est.


  13. Sean

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
    Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer
    Night Shift by Stephen King
    Rant by Chuck Pahalniuk

    That’s all I have off the top of my head

  14. Matt and Jennae Porter

    DO NOT read A Thousand Splendid Suns. I made a goal to read one freakin book this year, and of course I pick the one about some Afghani woman who gets married off at 15 and her husband beats her because she can’t get pregnant. It’s just awful. And I haven’t read the Twilight books either. Stay strong, Alison, stay strong!!!

  15. Fish Nat!on

    good for you for holding out. whenever i meet or hear of a female who loves those books, I automatically assume they are about as intelligent as a squid. which may or may not be surprisingly intelligent.

    the last american man is a phenomenal book. its sort of a story similar to into the wild, except for he wasnt stupid and didnt die, and took it a whole lot further. its about a guys named eustace conway, and he is sort of my hero, in an effed up way.

    ps please email me, i have something of importance to discuss with you

  16. lenalou

    I second The Last American Man, and third Bill Bryson, and add Peace Like a River. Let me know if you want to borrow- I like to lend!

  17. Scott and Kristine

    Life of Pi!

  18. Tayebi Sisters

    the poisonwood bible. the unbearable lightness of being.

    i’m reading these 2 books at the moment and am currently seriously into them both at the same time…that’s what she said.

    but no joke, read these books. today the poisonwood bible made me cry so hard that i dripped snot all over. it was art.

  19. Anthony

    Okay, so we haven’t talked in a few days or years or something like that, but I thought I’d take your invitation for book recommendations as an opportunity to say hi and also join in the massive pile-on of “must reads.”

    Kurt Vonnegut – you might have read Slaughterhouse Five, but I’d recommend Man Without A Country or Breakfast of Champions. I love his word selection.

    Ayn Rand – not everybody’s cup of tea, but The Fountainhead is one of my favorite books of all-time. Fantastic characters.

    (also, Steph says hi)

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