She Practices Spelling but She Still Sucks



I’m am thoroughly fed up with recreating the spelling of this thoroughly disgusting word, so that some semblance of it will show up in Microsoft Word’s ever-so-thorough spell checker. You know it’s bad when spell check gives up on you.

I’ve thoroughly had it up to here.

Tomorrow I will try to provide a more thoroughly interesting post. But today, I am thoroughly spent.

Perhaps I will offer a tangent on the thoroughly thrilling Olympics, or how I thoroughly covered my shirt in Mild Sauce from Taco Bell during lunch today, and after a less than thorough scan of Nordstrom Rack, had to grab a new shirt because I didn’t have time to go home and change…and how this new shirt gives a shockingly thorough view of my chest.

Furthermore, I must return to my work of writing a brochure for University Health Care to promote their extremely thorough Whole Health Assessment. Which far surpasses the often less than thorough 30-minute physicals you usually get, which incidentally, inspired this more thorough than originally intended post about all of my frustrations.

Thoroughly yours,



  1. bardhi h.

    thorough? more like diharrea maybe. diarrhea? diaria? diharrea? for me it’s double hard to spell english worlds since I have to spell them in my language inside my head first, and then figure out the english spelling.

  2. me

    At least you’ll probably remember how to spell it from here on out since you’ve dedicated a whole post to it! How thorough of you.

  3. Fish Nat!on

    i have a question for to ask you. could you please provide me with your email so that i might do so?

    embarrassing and definitely took me forever to figure out how to consistently spell.

  4. marshall p


  5. Courtney

    i have been reading a ton this summer…. i just read a book called The Luxe by anna godbersen you would prolly like. or there are a lot of good books for kids, easy reads….Fablehaven or the Lightning Thief. :), but you would prolly like the first one best.

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