She finds Hope, She finds Faith

When I’m happy I’m stupid. When I’m sad I’m much smarter. I read more, I think more, I stew and ponder more. I immerse myself in philosophy, and while questioning the meaning of existence, I write scary poems with words I didn’t even know I knew. It’s awesome.

But, when I’m happy, it’s all freak dancing and cutting giant ponies out of felt. Sprinkles and spandex, scrabble and sangria’s (I wish). My depth decreases to that of a tablespoon.

I’m no half-ass gal. You’re not gonna get an inbetweener. So blog fans, I’d like to
give you something with more substance, I sincerely would. But 1. it’s Friday! and 2. I am currently a happy little newlywed.

So instead I give you…

Sheryl Crow and the song “All I want to do, is have some fun, and I’ve got a feeling I’m not the only one.” And how we used to make my little brother Blake sing it when he was like four, and since he’s a genius he memorized every word. And when it came on the radio this morning on the way to work it gave me hope I can make it til 5:30…

And why this forward from my mother-in-law actually solicited tears…

It’s about a little dog born with two healthy hind legs, and an abnormal front leg that had to be amputated. No one thought he could make it. He couldn’t walk! His mother didn’t even want him.

His first owner wanted to put him to sleep. How could this dog live? But then a new owner took interest in the dog. Her name was Jude Stringfellow, and Jude wanted to take care of the freaky little puppy. She wanted him to walk on his own. She named the dog “Faith.”

She’d reward him with peanut butter for standing up on his hind legs. The other dogs that Jude owned helped encourage Faith. Jude put him on a surfboard in water to help him learn balance. And soon enough, Faith started practicing to walk on his hind legs. He’d walk in the snow. Falling again and again. But Faith would not give up! After six months of training…

How triumphant is that last picture!? Man that’s a tear-jerker!

I mean really. I got choked up. I hate myself.

So! I hope that learning about Faith the dog gives you some real perspective on life. And this weekend when you’re thinking about giving up, you reach for the moon, because even if you fall you’ll land among the stars.

Put that in your Friday pipe and smoke it. Maybe I’ll try reading a book this weekend to up the insight/intelligence of this blog. Or maybe I’ll go to a dance party. Suckas!

I love you all!



  1. Alex

    I want a video clip of Blake singing Sheryl, preferably with prepubescent pipes, please.

  2. hanner

    I love Faith the Wonder Dog. I saw a news clip about that a couple years ago but that’s nothing compared to that poor widdle puppy picture.

  3. solidcommagirl

    that is so cool. when i was in uganda i saw a wild monkey whose hind legs were taken by poachers so it walked on its hands to get around. it was kind of funny to see a monkey do a handstand but then it was sad when you thought about why it was doing it.

  4. just*don't*think*about*it

    This is incredible. After hours of desperate search, with much thanks to you, I now have my very own “real perspective on life.”

    Okay here goes.
    It’s perfectly acceptable and even higly desirable to interfere with God’s creations and natural plan, even if said interference turns out to be a little freaky, but especially if it make us smile and most glorious and exalted if it should cause a welling tear.

    It opens a world of possiblilites…

    If only the pup could sing Sheryl…now that WOuLD be Faith promoting…

  5. Whitney

    Now listen, I have seen this dog on Oprah as he walked around and it really creeped me out to see a dog strutting around like a human. She didn’t say so, but I think Oprah was a little creeped out too. It must be very odd to have a dog walking toward you like a person. I mean, what if the dog wanted to fight? What if he wanted to lick my face and I didn’t want him to? He’d be right up by my face and I couldn’t push him down because he’s a crippie dog and it would seem inhumane. I don’t think I could interact with Faith. Sorry buddy.

  6. marshall p

    I love that dog. he should run for president.

  7. Rebekah

    i think i saw this dog on oprah and it made me cry.

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