She Moves She Moves

How long do I get before I have to stop talking about my wedding? I mean it has only been four months, I think I at least get six? Nix that, a year. A year seems reasonable! Right?!

Oh come on. Like I really care. I will talk about my wedding as long as I damn well please! Or as long as my blog readership doesn’t dramatically decline. You control me!

Moving on…I have been receiving video clips from my wedding videographer…and the one we’ve been waiting for HAS FINALLY ARRIVED.

The wedding party prepared a “group dance.” We practiced it the night before at the wedding dinner. Everyone, including the groomsmen, was very cooperative, and we were able to surprise our guests mid-reception with this little feel good number to Junior Senior’s “Take my time.”

There were like 300 people there ok. So imagine the audience GOING WILD…even though you can’t see them and it looks like we are dancing in front of a mirror and we are only pretending that people are GOING CRAZY. (Pretending we were not!) It will help pump you up.

So, without further ado I give you this little gem. I hope you feel the love we are trying to share.


  1. Jake and Jenna

    i cry only because 1) this reminds me of my own wedding and how i LOVED dancing the night away and 2) i wish i could’ve been there.

    i hope we hang out when i get back.


  2. shelly


  3. Chelsea

    allison –
    sweet moves, andrea was really grooving in the background. i tried to get mallory and kendall to do a dance, or any dancing for that matter. they were not about it. anyway, it was lovely to meet you! here is my blog:

    – chelsea

  4. crystal

    love it! this little number looked like a scene right out of Grease (if Grease had a wedding scene in it…) I think my favorite part was your sister totally getting down with her bad self. What a great husband/wedding party you have to cooperate with your request.

  5. Breanne King

    i LOVE it! Really.

    I want you to know it has been two years since I got married and I still talk about my wedding A LOT! And the video Eddie made….everyone and their auto mechanic has seen it…and I have such a bad memory I just show it to everyone and I’m sure they’ve seen it 9374893468 times. You talk about it girl…

  6. Andrea

    mom said that when she watched me dance during that number that she knew i was finally “home” from my mission.
    oh boy.
    this and the jason mraz clip in one month. almost too much but just enough

  7. emilyhutchison

    Not that she in anyway, shape, or form out grooved “the lovebirds”, but Little Miss Andrea brought in in that video. She was giving it her all, and I appreciate it.

  8. Amanda

    TLC has totally ripped off what you’ve done and now has a show called “Rock the Reception” where Tabitha and Napoleon (from So You Think You Can Dance) choreograph dances for the wedding couples first dance. Yours is original and I loved it.

    PS. I hope to see you in Utah when I come out next week!

  9. Alison

    QUICK! everybody go back and look at andrea, (to the left of eric) at about 1:10 in the clip.

  10. Tom

    Yes please, I think I will take seconds.

  11. rob and liz jones

    this totally brightened my day!

  12. Bethany Peterson

    I’ve been blog stalking you for a pretty long time now and you commented on my blog! The pressure is lifted now and I feel like I can comment on your blog whenever I want now. Thanks for liking my dress. I like everything about you. Maybe I kinda felt like seeing you at the show was like seeing a celeb. Maybe.

  13. Matt and Jennae Porter

    I loved it then, I love it now! What a fun idea. Oh, and you are allowed to talk about your wedding until you have your first baby. Then you’ll have more exciting things (like breastfeeding and poopy diapers) to talk about!!!!

  14. the aaron monsons

    OH MY GOSH. Nothing has made me this happy to watch since I saw Willie Nelson perform in 2003. WE LOVED YOUR WEDDING! It was the most fun event of the century. I seriously relive that night in my head about once a week.

  15. tracyjax

    That was such a fun day! It was so much fun to watch it all over again…kinda can’t wait for Andrea’s now!

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