She Squares! She Squares!

I know, I know, first I box, and now I Square. Consider my creative well dry.

Anyway, I just got off a totally loud and possibly inappropriate personal (personal as in not work related…geesh) phone call with Matt Clayton, and my and possibly your, wildest dreams have come true. Alison Faulkner gets her own column in Square Magazine.

Square Magazine, if you aren’t in the know or in the Valley, is a free bimonthly magazine that is distributed in Provo. Matt Clayton is the editor-in-chief, and he is a little doll. A 6’2 bundle of joy.

This is a treat because OBVIOUSLY I LOVE HAVING COLUMNS. The last column I had was in my high school newspaper, The Iliad. I wrote an article about why students shouldn’t have to wait to use the bathroom because it could lead to possible Urinary Tract Infections. I heard from a friend that their teacher publicly ridiculed my article. I provoked a teacher to delay their lesson plan to argue with my feeble words. THAT IS POWER.

So, I get to name the column and pick the topics and whatnot, so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them. I consider this just one of many necessary steps to world domination. World domination with love and kisses of course.


  1. Jendar


  2. jenny

    My first idea would just be to spotlight people named Jenny. It would be fantastic. No Jennifers. Just Jennys. They’re cooler anyway.

  3. Club Narwhal

    another idea for your column idea box, unicorns. think about it. good things will come from it. or the montauk monster. yikes. ( )

  4. Liz Canaan Roberts

    world domination you say?? how delightful!

  5. kimmy girl

    shut up, shut up, shut up. 1. im so proud of you. i love you and i love squared mag. 2. i have to figure out how to get squared here in ny…tough.

  6. Topher Lee

    I can not wait

  7. kylie

    shout out for square mag- alison, you are great! i really like you and now even more because fellow squarers are we!

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