She’s Wired, She’s WIRED


On days I go running before work I feel so much better. I’m happier, I’m less sleepy, I have more energy, and I’M FREAKING WIRED LIKE AN ADD KID IN AN ADVANCED CALCULUS CLASS.

I went running this morning.

I’m bouncing off the walls, I’m running around the cubicles, I am incapable of completing sentences let alone concentrating hard enough to write copy for a website about a Vision Improvement Program. “Eye doctor certified!”

All that PLUS I’m starving, hungry enough that I’ve been reduced to snacking on the generic brand tropical flavored TUMS my coworker has on his desk. Then, after eating about 6, I get worried I’m gonna die because our boss told us this horror story about a guy that ate too many TUMS, and they calcified his stomach and then he DIED.

Anyway, no more TUMS for me.

I’m pretty busy at work, and so my blog will suffer. All complaints can be directed to Nicole Fisher, Account Manager, Love Communications, but she’s like 5 month preggo, so be nice to her.

However I do love you and even if I am busy, I want to give you something. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of my coworker friend Trent and Officer Good Body, the singing telegram/seductive cop we hired to come and say Happy Birthday to Trent in the middle of staff meeting yesterday.

If you want to hire Officer Good Body, or any other amazing singing telegram from this guy, I assure you he is worth the money, and a perfect mix of inappropriate and tasteful…without crossing the line. Well, I guess that depends on where your line is…but he didn’t cross mine! Here’s his link.

And before you feel ANY ounce of pity for Trent, please recall this is the same person who did this to me.

A thousand kisses deep,
xoxo Alison


  1. AOBrien

    oh my goodness yes. Trent so deserved it!!!!! I miss you guys like Mexico misses the Alamo….

  2. Ems

    ha! Trent is totally in my ward.

  3. Matt and Jennae Porter

    I love that his outfit says “Oinkville Police”

  4. Alicia

    Sweet! I love officer good body. A little creepy, but looks like he brought some laughs with him.
    So I thought since the first three letters of our names are the same it would guarantee me a spot on your blogging list… apparently not. 🙂

  5. Fish Nat!on

    can i just say that you probably dont even know how appropriate that actually was…i recall about four years ago trent doing a strip tease for some girls birthday. all the way down to his whitie tighties, accompanied by many pelvic thrusts and sexual gyrations.

    appropriate indeed.

  6. Matt Clayton

    Trent loved every minute I’m sure.

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