She’s Biting She Been Bitten

So, if you will all recall a certain YouTube video I posted a while ago…You know, the one where I am the biggest Jason Mraz fan ever? And I prove it to the world at about 1:10 in the video with a sexy sweet shoulder move?

Well this girl, hot and sexy cool as she may be…HAS TOTALLY RIPPED OFF MY SWEET SHOULDER moves. I don’t care if she has her own band, and some hit singles. She’s a biter. I’m older than her, and I own the move.

Consider me bit.

Watch out Lykke Li. Two can play at this game.


  1. caitie m

    oh my goodness…i don’t know what i like most: the necklaces, the matching outfits, the shoulder roll, or the jason mraz!

  2. Jake and Jenna

    i can’t believe you and drea were in that video like that. what a treasure. and this chick in the video looks funny doing it–you are a natural my plum.

  3. ashleigh

    i like lykke li almost as much as i like you! x

  4. Nate Housley

    What move are you trying to claim she ripped off? The shimmy? You’re trying to claim ownership of the shimmy?

  5. Alison

    the shoulder nate, get your damn dance moves right. THAT’S WAY DIFFERENT THAT THE SHIMMY.

  6. the aaron monsons

    ALISON!! this is carrie monson. what is your email address? mine is I don’t know how to contact you directly, just through your fabulous blog world. I have a random question for you. P.S. Your blog is my most favorite blog in the whole world. Did Aaron ever tell you this??

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