She Gives you the BIG FREAKING News!

No, I’m not preggo.

The Faulkner family spent their fourth of July weekend at the Hotel Del in Coronado. 15K family fun runs, bike rides, Moo Time Ice Cream, shmancy diners, sailing boats, and of course, fire works, were all involved. (I am fully aware how spoiled I am. FULLY AWARE. But see, now that I’m married I’m really poor, so I don’t feel bad.)

Look at us, the happy care-free couple. So in love, so new to marriage. So ready and eager to take on the world. To share our love with all who will allow us! To inspire young love wherever it may bloom…

And bloom it did.

Something else, other than fireworks and beach volleyball happened this weekend, something that perhaps involves…

A large item that can now be found on the left hand of ANDREA FAULKNER!!!!

Yes! Andrea, my sweet darling little sister of just 17 months, is engaged to be wed to, not only a boy…but a boy from Alpine Utah! His name is Brian Todd Williams, and guess why this is so exciting? My husband is from Alpine too! Eric and Brian went to the same high school! Could they have ever imagined they’d be marrying SISTERS!!! They wished they all could be California girls, and BY GEORGE NOW THEY ARE!

The aspiring lovebirds are looking to get hitched sometime in October. Which I have always thought is a great month to get married…and to be a maid of Honor!

So here is a picture of Andrea, and the fabulous Brian Todd Williams, soon to be my new bro, striking the ever popular “Look at my ROCK” pose.

And here is a picture of the couple looking so in love, and so very coastal.

Brian is an amazing man, good enough for my lil sis, so, when he asked for my permission I gladly granted it. (Ok he asked my dad, but I told my dad to say yes.) I had to sneakily carry the ring around for Brian all weekend before he proposed! It almost gave me a heart attack.

So, ladies and gents, grab your party hats, and start shining your dancing shoes, another Faulkner wedding is in the making.


Andrea Faulkner Williams Maid of Honor,
Alison Faulkner Robertson


  1. fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR

    congrats to andrea!!! and what a smashing weekend! you lucky dog, you.

  2. Jordan

    And my next door neighbor! Love those two! Apparently Sister Williams and Alan made the big announcement at ward choir practice.

  3. crystal

    15K family fun runs, are you crazy! What’s fun about a 15k, I don’t even know how many miles a 15k is, but I’ve run a 10K(+1 mile) and it about killed me.

    Congrats little sister

  4. Eddie and Breanne King

    I am SO excited!

  5. kimmy girl

    sooo excited!!! love to the MOH and the bride!

  6. Matt and Jennae Porter

    We found out last week through the Burts are are SO excited. Two Faulkner weddings in one year? I can hardly contain myself. That is so fun that the husbands know each other too. You 4 are going to be best “couple friends” forever.

  7. Alicia

    That IS exciting news! Tell Andrea Congrats for Scott and I!!!
    Also, I am totally overwhelmed with the thought of a 15k. I ran a 5k on the 4th (see blog) and I just hope next year I can cut my time a lot. Good job you guys!

  8. Brandon & Shelly

    Andrea told me about your blog and I had to check it out. I have to agree I think Brian is probably the best! But what else would a big sister say?
    Shelly Poduska

  9. Al G.

    So we sang Battle Hymn of the Republic in Sacrament meeting Sunday. We were rehearsing before church. Carol, my amazing accompaniest and I were running the choir through the number. Laurel came late and on her way to the back row, Carol starts telling her the big news…while she’s playing a million notes a minute…and never misses a beat…and tells Laur and they get into this whole discussion while I’m up there waving my arms. It was quite a scene. We are so happy. Brian was in my S.S. class when we first moved here and he’s always been one of my favorite guys. And since Andrea’s one of my favorite nieces, it’s a perfect fit. Congrats from the Green’s who live around the corner from the Williams’.

  10. Al G.

    By the way Allison…why don’t you have a link to our blog on here? It’s

    It’s mostly pictures of our wonderful grandson Axel, but there’s other stuff sometimes too…Uncle Al

  11. Krista

    that’s awesome!!! i bet your mom is SO happy. funny, for a while right after my bro got home from his mission i wanted to hook him up with andrea when she got home. it wasn’t to be because he met his now wife, and now adrea’s engaged too. for the wedding plans i do know a fabulous photographer (wink, wink…). i mean yours was great, but…

  12. maines

    Yeah!!! Congratulations from the wee Greens to the happy couple. At this rate, Mar will have her secret wish for grandbabbies in no time! 🙂

  13. Heather

    YAY Andrea!!! That’s great!!!!!!

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