She Teases She Taunts

OK, so Blogger the Hogger has been all wack all day, and I have not been able to post, but TRUTH BE TOLD! I have so many exciting things to say, I don’t know which to post about first! So I’m not THAT upset about the technical difficulties. And tomorrow I will GIVE YOU THE MOST EXCITING POST EVER! Well, it’s exciting to me!

But to hold you over, here is a picture of a sticker I wrote to be handed out at Gold’s Gyms. CLEVER I KNOW. That’s why I’m makin the big, cough, not that big, bucks.

Look how “special” I look in the bottom picture. Seriously. Anyway, let me know if you NEED one of these stickers, and I’ll see what I can do.

p.s. Kelsey IS STILL IN THE GAME! TOP 4, so exciting. She is going to Vegas and I hope she kicks butt. (She was in the bottom 2 this week, and I was so stressed out I might have gotten a bit misty…but she pulled through like she always does. So freaking get on the website and vote her Fan Favorite!)


  1. Alison

    0 comments? Really. I’ll save myself.

  2. Matt and Jennae Porter

    Ok I thought it was so funny that you left a comment on your own post that I had to leave another to at least get you up to 2! xo

  3. maines

    I don’t know if I need one of those stickers (although it is oh so clever and cool) but I do NEED one of those shirts, in that exact color, and right now. Where did you get it? And where can I get the bits to fill it out? I think it probably looks better that way.

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