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Just in case I haven’t mentioned this enough yet, one summer, I did an internship at Hallmark. It was kind of a big deal. I mean, I wrote cards people! CARDS! And not just any cards, I wrote for Alternative Humor. Because I’m just so damn alternative.

Do you know how many times I’ve used that joke? Save your energy, I’m rolling my eyes at myself. In fact, I feel like I’ve explained this before…but I can’t remember, so stay with me. Cue tap dance.

Anyway, one of the departments that I wrote for in Alternative Humor was “Snapshots.” Those are the cards with black and white pictures of dogs wearing party hats or little kids sharing ice cream and laughter. There are no words on the front, but the inside says something quick and distantly personal like, “Get your party on.” Or “Thanks for sharing the good stuff in life.” (I just made those up on the spot SHIZZAM!) Or something like that.

How, Alison! Oh how do you geniuses write such witty little snippets? Well, see, what they do is they’d give me a big ‘ol stack of pictures and say, “Get er done girl.” Which was weird cause I was like, I thought this was Kansas not West Virgina. Anyway, then I’d sit there with a pen, giggling at the comments I wrote to go with the pictures. And then I’d say, TURN THESE INTO CARDS HALLMARK!

And so, it is in honor of this, the Snapshots writing process, that I present to you some pictures of our recent camping trip to Havasupai. Because I’m not capable of posting pictures and just saying something concise and pleasant.

So, please pretend the following pictures are Snapshot cards. The one liners have been posted under the picture. (Get it! So it’s like you’re opening the card.)

1. I hope you know, I’ve always got your pack.

2. I’ll love you forever, even if you use hiking sticks.

3. May the rough roads of life always lead to something beautiful. So sorry for your loss.

4. Good lookin’, after all these years you still know how to get me cookin’! Happy anniversary.

5. When you’re feeling insignificant, remember you mean the world to me.

6. Put your game face on, and hang in there champ.

7. It’s your day, spend it your way. Happy Birthday!

8. (Can you see the tiny guys? They free climbed like 80 feet, then jumped!) Don’t stop til you get enough.

Please feel free to add your own captions, should a snapshot happen to compel you! I have numbered them so they are easy to reference. I still have friends at Hallmark, so who knows, this could be your next career path!

My pictures don’t really do the beauty of the place justice. I didn’t take that many because another girl on the trip is an avid picture taker, and she trekked that camera around to all the falls in a water-proof case. I LOVE YOU MARY! So, I plan on getting a lot from her. Anyway, it was so cool there, there are wild horses everywhere.

Lately I have been asking Eric, very politely I might add, for a pony. A friend to keep my company while he is away. He thinks it’s an absurd idea, that I can’t possibly take care of a pony, but I already have a name picked out and everything! Sprinkles.

And would you belive, that on our hike out…WE FOUND SPRINKLES! Eric said he was too young to leave his mom. But you better believe that next year…Sprinkles is leaving with me.

So, I love you all, and I leave you with a picture of my future pet. Sprinkles the Pony.


  1. Amanda

    So glad you are back to blogging. These snapshot captions made me laugh out loud!

  2. Roberston

    my wife was making herself laugh out loud for almost an hour as she was writing these captions.

  3. crystal

    ok Alison, I’m seriously ready to take our blogging relationship to the next level (ok, since I’m not even a featured link on your sidebar and rarely get comments from you on my blog we can hardly call this a relationship can we…) But honestly, If we could hang out everyday I would be a happy girl. You crack me up! Remember when we were almost roomies? What a good time I would have had, laughing all day.

  4. cropstar

    It’s finally time for me to come out of blog lurker-dom to say:
    This post cracked me up! I love your pony. I want a sprinkles of my very own.
    Love yer blog!

  5. courtni

    Why didn’t you just ask me? I’ll let you have a pony? A magic baby pony sounds perf. Go for it. It’s yours.

  6. Eddie and Breanne King

    get a mini horse…they are so cute and little and they cant reach their feet to your head

  7. crystal

    First of all, you have way more secret blogging friends than I do, second, I only get more comments because I only update weekly not daily. If we calculated ratios, you would totally crush me. Third, I always say to myself before I write a post “what would Alison do?” Fourth, I feel like I guilted you in to making me a link, however I’m not sorry because I feel slightly famous, thanks!

  8. jenny

    I just got caught up on your bloggie. I looked at your wedding again and I’m seriously considering never getting hitched because my wedding will suck in comparison.

    And I love your captions. SO. WITTY. I tried to come up with my own before I read yours, and then I read yours and mine totally sucked.

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