She Stinks She Stinks

So, after four days in the desert, sleeping on the ground, no soap, a 10 mile uphill morning hike, and a 12 hour drive, it’s obvious what this little camper wanted when she got home last night around 11 pm…

To watch the Next Food Network Star!!! (Kelsey rocked our world AGAIN, and Jennifer, you’re a sweetheart but, I’m not crying to my dolls about your departure.) After watching the show and yelling at the TV, THEN, naturally I wanted a nice, hot shower. Soapy suds, bubbling warm water, my favorite green loofah!

But no dice people. NO DICE. There was NO HOT WATER.

Oh, Alison, you’re so dramatic, it was probably just lukewarm, right?

No! NO HOT WATER. As in, you turn the handle with the “H” on it and no water comes out. Only the “C” water worked. I did not want “C” water! I needed “H” water! It was tragic. I could not get in that cold shower.

Judge if you will, but Eric and I decided to wait it out, sleep dirty, (heh heh) and shower in the morning in hopes that there would be a hot shower to welcome us to civilization when we woke up.

No such luck. “C” “C” “C”.

So what did I do? What any girl would do, I sucked it up, splashed some water on my face and spritzed on some extra perfume.

Haha, seriously? No. That would be so bad. I didn’t even pack deodorant. I’m a minimalist! We are talking CAKED SWEAT and dirt. So I took a freaking freezing cold shower, gasping and yelling the whole time. Which, I’m sure Eric appreciated, seeing as how he was trying to sleep not more than 15 feet away. And I had to wash my hair too, duh, so that made the whole thing extra fun.

Anyway, I was WIDE AWAKE for staff meeting this morning.

By way of update, we had a FANTASTIC time at Havasupai. It was so beautiful, and fabulous, we hiked, we jumped off rocks into waterfalls, we got Chaco tan lines. It was surreal. I will post pictures, perhaps tomorrow. But first I have to spend some QT in Photoshop turning my body back to how it looked right before I got married. Yes, that was only three months ago but a girls gotta eat. Muahaha.

And, as by way of another update, if you aren’t sick of hearing about how AWESOME my wedding was…it was featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs called Snippet and Ink. They posted some really nice pictures of it and some good details. If that’s not enough incentive, they also posted a REALLY dorky picture of me, being me. It’s like the third post down. So far I have “11 Comments.” I judge my self worth based on number of comments, (a joke and then again, not a joke?) so feel free to post more. Or feel free to say, ALISON YOUR WEDDING IS OVER MOVE ON! Cause I won’t listen.

Bless you all for being so pretty. And pray for “H” water.


  1. becca

    ahh!! spoiler! i haven’t watched last night’s yet. dang.

    i did that to someone when christian siriano won project runway, and this is much less of a big deal. now i will go home and watch it.

  2. fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR

    thank goodness for another update. and we must compare chaco tan lines. which style do you have?? 🙂

  3. Matt and Jennae Porter

    This is when a gym membership comes in handy. Drive to 24 hour fitness, shower in the women’s locker room! I wouldn’t have been able to go to sleep… I hate getting in bed when I’m sweaty and gross. Can’t wait to see pics of your trip.

  4. courtni

    I’m worried about you, and the C water. No one deserves that kind of torture. Let me bake you a Namaste cake, via Lex. Call her up to make you feel better with a delicious Namaste cake until you get some H water.

  5. Cindy

    You guys can walk down the block and use my shower if you need to. Not together! Sheesh!

  6. Mitch

    So while driving home Sunday night, I was thinking…I hope they had a good time at Havasupai (jealous BTW). When I got home I saw there was no hot water and immediately thought of you guys…

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