She Salutes She Salutes

Proof of how “at one” I am with nature.

So how about three cheers for a hair-raising salute to the outdoors!

Hip-hip Nalgene bottles!

Hip-hip Chacos!

Hip-hip Subarus!

I will be leaving tonight for Havasupai, while there I will leap from waterfalls, gorge on dried Mangoes, and pee my little heart out in the open.

I’ve got my bag all packed, (THANK YOU AUDREY!) and Eric’s bag all packed with the heavy stuff, and we’re ready to go. We even practiced setting up the Motha Hubba tent we got for our wedding in our living room. It’s beautiful.

I’m also really excited to try our Mountain House meals. Those dehydrated packs are all a sweet little surprise! How will that powder magically turn into gourmet Pad Thai??? The anticipation is almost paralyzing.

Anyway, I’m leaving you high and dry for the rest of the week. But I have confidence that you will all survive. In fact I’d say your odds are infinitely better than mine.


Wilderness Woman


  1. ferociousnate

    Don’t be fooled by that false salute to the great outdoors. It’s merely the exhaust from her Cadillac Escalade that is giving her that alphalpha. Wilderness woman my foot!!!

  2. Liz Canaan Roberts

    jealous is me; ever so jealous. we went up af canyon last weekend and camped at silver lake flat; it merely whetted my appetite for more. MORE! but here i am, back at my 8-5 accounting gig. (my sister works at a climbing gym; oh the humanity)!

  3. fraggLe+monkEy+shysteR

    you are so brave! may the forces of nature be with you.

  4. Julie

    havasupai is amazing. word of advise…. pay the $20 to have them pack your bag out for you. seriously. and watch out for the ladder of death. you’ll know what i mean.

  5. darcie

    you can’t read this. you’re in the land of the indians (i can say that because my sister in law is navajo ok?). i’m just stopping in to say, want to see more pictures on your blog. i know you’re a writer and your posts are writerly and you are literate. but i am visually and i like to look at your blonde head. so you better have taken some good pics at havasupai.

  6. The Daily Kirk

    You totally look like Blake in that picture. I guess we really are all related.

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