She’s Calling She’s Calling

I’m not THAT good at very many things. I’m not complaining, I have some talents here and there, but I’ve never had the type of talents that were, say, a really big deal at recess. I suck at kick ball, dodge ball, soft ball and flag foot ball. I didn’t make the swim team (and when I didn’t make it my mom went and yelled at the coach…) I can’t sing, play the piano, (I can barely play the flute I took 4 years of lessons for) or draw exceptionally well. And though I’m dramatic, when I tried out for the school play, the director said, “I don’t think your voice would last a week.”

Not a sob story…I promise…getting to the point! What I mean is, I don’t have any of the type of talents that your average elementary, middle or high school student envies.

But it’s been, oh six years, and I think I’ve gotten over it. I’m very comfortable with myself. And I have identified some less tangible talents that I am quite pleased with.

One particular field that I think I excel in is leaving phone messages.

Maybe it was my time at Hallmark, or perhaps it’s my love for rhyming and puns…but I think I am pretty damn clever when it comes to leaving a message.

Leaving a message is an art. You have to be quick and think on your feet. The key is to start thinking about the message you will leave after about the second ring. Then, if the person your calling doesn’t answer, you are prepared! Pearls of wisdom, I know.

I usually prepare a little song or ditty. Or think of a witty nick name to call the person. (Eric eric bo beric bananana fo feric me my mo meric ERIC!) I don’t know if my messages make the recipient as happy as they make me…but if I’ve learned one thing
from advertising…it’s you can’t please everybody.

One thing that happens, that I HATE! when leaving one of my “special” messages is when the “phone lady” tells me, right in middle of one of my knee-slappingly funny sentences, “MESSAGE DELETED.” Like what I’m saying isn’t good enough. It is so deflating, it’s like a personal assault.

She usually offers another chance to leave a message, but I can’t seem to muster up the same enthusiasm as before.

Nonetheless, I’m really good at leaving messages. And I’m not trying to make you feel bad if you’re not good at leaving messages, all I’m saying is I’m sure there is some less tangible talent you are really good at too. So who cares if it’s not being good at sports, or playing instruments, or being able to have appropriate social interactions in the office… There is something! And it’s hidden deep deep down in your heart. And I want you to go out there and find it. And then brag to everyone about how good you are at it.

I hope this post was informational, yet inspirational, and at the same time, non-confrontational.


Dr. Phil ain’t got nothing on me.


  1. Sammy

    I love She Blogs! 🙂 You brighten my day — well almost everyday. I am also a very good message leaver — well at least in my opinion…I feel the love.
    xoxo Sammy

  2. Eddie and Breanne King

    I have a couple hidden talents. I always wondered about them. They are as follows:

    1. Making salsa (its good, trust me. Eddie has me make him some every week)
    2. Parallel parking.

    I’m glad you realized your proclivity and abilities toward leaving messages.

  3. Anna

    My not so envious talents:

    – Impersonating dogs barking
    – Talking like a deaf person ( has been helpful in NYC)

    I need to work on my message leaving skills.

  4. loubige

    I know this comment is a little late but….LOVED the Diet Coke post!! I am one of those lurkers, that enjoys the love baby! I actually am good friends with one of your aunts (Diane) and Cort is married to my sister-in-law! Keep the blogs a’comin’ b/c I’m
    (that was my poor sorry attempt of rhyming to impress the amazing advertising blogger–I know–not one of my talents) 🙂

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